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So, as I write this, I'm listening to and watching TIMELAPSE OF THE FUTURE: A Journey to the End of Time (4K). And as I watched and listened, I thought to myself, "How do deity, cosmic and creationary (like plasma or space entities) feel about human theories of Universal Evolution and Decay?" Because from what I gather, there are a good bit of these type of kin here on Kinmunity. So, how do you feel about these topics, and the discussion of so? Adding onto this question, how do you feel about exoplanetary life and other universes?


Edit: Here is the link to the video I was watching -> (



I also started another documentary called Exoplanets From Hell- Life on Other Planets in the Universe (Documentary) -> (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lZNyAH2L6k



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I didn't watch the whole video but I assume we're talking about the stars spreading far apart and eventually burning out leaving everything in cold infinite darkness? Yeah that's pretty depressing. According to the lore, Kemetic deities fight every single morning to prevent the world from ending. Knowing that eventually it will all end despite their best efforts is as I said depressing, especially since Life is part of my domain. No reason to stop now though. 


When taking a step or two back, the story isn't quite the same. Time doesn't work quite the way we think it does, so in that sense it's not quite as simple as Beginning, Middle and End. It's more like a map that says You Are Here. There may also be other Universes where things play out differently. 


I did have a vision once that showed what may or may not have been the spiritual side of the Big Bang. Basically a tiny seed of consciousness was somehow dropped into a void of infinite possibility. Like a stone dropped into a pond, creation rippled outward in every possible direction, one thought instantly leading to the next and the next, ever expanding outward in complexity, with the ease and inevitability of dominoes falling in a row. 


As for life on other planets, sure, why not? There's no reason to think the Earth is the only one. It's possible that life here has taken a unique path through extraordinary chance, but to think that this life is the only life seems short sighted. Life will do anything and everything it can to exist and continue existing. It's extremely delicate, but also extremely persistent. (The concept of life's relentless persistence is part of my being.) 


I don't have access to all that special universal knowledge while I'm here, so I'm stuck wondering and thinking about it like everyone else. I guess that's part of the experience. 



Red Tailed Hawk Therian / Polymorph / Spirit Being / Anthro Hawk / Deitykin


Shard of Heru AKA Horus


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Hm.. I've seen the video but I gotta say I'm not at all too impressed. Such videos are done every other year, and their content changes with the current state of scientific knowledge. This specific one is getting very, very speculative in the second half - there's a point where the claim is that the future universe would mostly consist of dark matter, but this type of matter is very poorly understood. It's also made up a bit too romantic for my taste and it doesn't really mean much even for me as a spiritual entity.


About extraterrestrial life... well I'd be surprised if there wasn't any. The universe is huge and the probability that Earth is the only planet hosting life is super small.


When it comes to my own world model, the main misconception in the video is the assumption that the universe would create life. To me it's the other way around. Replace "life" by "minds" or "souls" and you enter my world. This universe is just one out of many, created by all of us. The multiverse hypothesis is named at the end of the video, but it's understood wrong. It's not that life in a universe creates a new one by some scientific methods. Life is defined by consciousness, and consciousness is already beyond physical reality. The universe is just an echo, one of many representations of what we truly are.


Take a look at

from Donald Hoffman for a real mind blow and a little push in my direction. I also recommend
. What Donald's explaining (if you add the multiple-universes idea) results in my Multiverse of Minds which has become my current spiritual home. Believe me or not, but I spotted the TED talk one year after having developed the idea myself. I got the idea all my life but at the end of 2018 it was more than clearly channeled through from my subconscious, which I clearly feel detached and far beyond this reality. This is not something I can possibly ignore. Analytical psychology seems to directly support the concept. Of course what I say is also a speculation/hypothesis, but it's got quite some scientific roots, and for me makes much more sense. I hope physics, psychology and spirituality will merge to an extent that it can be proven one day.



Western Guardian Dragon

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