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Othercon - Virtual Convention


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(Side note: this is here instead of howls since the meet is online, not in-person)


What is Othercon?


Othercon is the first ever annual 3-day virtual convention for members of the Otherkin and Therian community.


The purpose of this convention is to provide a space where people within (and outside) the community can come together to socialize, educate, and entertain for a fun-filled weekend!


Details of the con


1. The "hub" of the con would be a discord server, and an invite would be obtained by registering for the con on the website (which is in the works)


2. Registration would be free, although I've been thinking about optional donations to an LGBT or BLM charity (don't yet know which one)


3. Panels/events would be held on Friday through Sunday at scheduled times (the exact dates are TBD).


4. Volunteer-run panels/events can be submitted for a chance to be added to the schedule. Due to timezones, priority would be taken to try and make sure there's a somewhat equal amount of events available for attendees in different parts of the world


5. Video call events will take place in the hub discord or through other video call apps like google duo. A chat will be available where applicable, so users who can't use a mic can still participate in the discussion. Livestream events are also a possibility. Note that not all panels will be livestream or video/voice based, it can also include moderated chat discussions


6. An artist alley is being considered, where artists can have streams at scheduled times, and an art gallery which can be viewed on the website.


7. Registration would be split into pre-reg and regular registration. Pre-reg would be to allow a certain number of users to register early to help gauge the expected amount of attendees. Regular reg would open up later.


8. Currently there is no GoH


9. While there aren't any definite events yet, I plan to allow things like lectures, video meetups, and other things like multiplayer game sessions


What is the state of this convention? When is it happening?


At the moment there is no set date for the convention. It's still in the planning stage and will be for some time so the event is not rushed.


What can I do to help?


There is currently a survey to help gauge how many attendees to expect, artists, panelists, etc. If you planned to join or were considering joining, it would help a lot to fill out this form: Othercon interest survey


You can also help by sharing information about Othercon to others, to help boost interest. You have full permission to share this info on other forums, social media, youtube, and in discord servers


At a later time, once pre-planning is complete, con staff applications will open up for volunteers that wish to be directly involved in the production of this convention.

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There are now official dates!


  • Convention dates: August 14th - 16th
  • Volunteer staff registration: June 23rd - July 8th
  • Panelist & Artist registration: July 8th - July 19th
  • Attendee registration: July 19th - August 12th

The website has also been updated with a Code of Conduct and Privacy Policy



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So, Bendy and I were talking (yes things are going smoother now, for those who were wondering). And we would like to be representatives of sort, but we're not sure what! Any ideas for us?

We have a list of panel ideas in a pdf for people who aren't sure what they'd want to present. I'll PM it to you!

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[stop=Unsafe Resource]OtherCon is listed on Kinmunity's Unsafe Resources List. Proceed with caution.[/stop]

Unfortunately, this convention operates using policies which are incompatible with Kinmunity’s Terms & Rules, including but not limited to:

  • disallows panelists and exhibitors from protecting themselves from harassment / denying access to their content.
  • violations of Kinmunity’s Bill of Rights:
    • You have the right to say "NO" to someone trying to exert power over you.
    • You have the right to not participate in things which make you uncomfortable.

For this reason, unless these issues are sorted out, this thread will be closed.

Edited by Naia

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Site Administrator & Founder


Kinmunity is supported as a labor of love by its

staff team, with contributions from users all over the world. If our community means something to you, please consider donating. Donations help off-set the costs to run the site, as well as fund new features!


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