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The profile pic above your post is out to kill you. How screwed are you?

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Hm I guess for me it would depend on if I'm defending as my kintype or my profile pic. If I'm my kintype, then I'll be fine haha immortality and such. If I'm defending as my profile pic, could go either way given it's a pretty venomous snake versus a coyote.
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Dragon vs. coyote? Yeah...I think I'd be okay.


In my human body though? If the coyote is persistent enough, I don't think I'd stand a chance 😂 The best defense strategy I know is to shout, "WHAT'S THAT OVER THERE?" then run in the opposite direction when they look at it.

Emsy | 19 years old | They/them | Dragon | INFJ | Empath | Fictionflicker

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As a human against a dragon? Maybe with the right gear, which I don't have, so, not a chance.


Against my kintype? No problem. Against my profile pic? Maybe not a sure bet, but the chances are good that I'd win.




Add crazy acrobatic skills and overpowered weapons to that list above. (Although there are better frames than Inaros for singular boss fights. It would be easier if you brought a dozen of your weaker friends so he can steal their health.)

Red Tailed Hawk Therian / Polymorph / Spirit Being / Anthro Hawk / Deitykin


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Is....Is that even a question worth considering for me? I mean just look to the left and decide my fate. Next to none

Timber wolf therian-- Zhuardarian changeling-- horse hearted

~Being kin is a journey of finding yourself, losing yourself, searching and doing it all over again.~



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There is a coyote above me...and I am a wolf...I would not fight honestly as Copper is a canine too but if I had to...PFFT I am huge compared to you

“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

Demonkin, Wolfkin, and Sirenkin, plural system with many headmates, all open for contact

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A hare trying to kill me? Wouldn't be too screwed neither as human nor dragon. A hare could bite or scratch me when I have a human body, so I think I'd defend myself without the intention to do too much harm. If I had my dragon body they couldn't even scratch me, so I think I'd completely ignore them... maybe trying to rather gently push them away if they'd get too annoying. So, you'd have good chance to stay alife if you met me, haha.

Western Guardian Dragon

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Yeah... I mean I'd have to have a HUGE pack to do ANY sort of dent in a dragon's armor. Dingos have stamina and a pack can take down a kangaroo but a pack with stamina isn't too much in the face of a huge, scale-armored fire-breather. *gulp*


dingo | they/them | 30

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yeah no i'd be dead in a heartbeat


(my pfp is Eijiro Kirishima for anyone who isn't familiar with him or My Hero Academia. He has the ability to harden his body to be rock hard, and when he hardens, he has some pretty sharp edges. He knows how to fight cause he's training to be a superhero)

Drom/Kiri | He/Him | 18 | Eijiro Kirishima | System of 7

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