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What are your thoughts on solitary working?


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From opening up about being otherkin - or your spiritual job? I have known about solitary monks and witches for many years and have recently started to think more about that I am a solitary spiritual worker, in this realm, I have no earthbound coven or pack and that it is a choice iv'e made. I am mainly circling around other "earthlings" for experiences and lessons so it's nice to have acquaintances, although I get all the info I need from different - and other sources. So i'm not bound to - but do appreciate the fact that i'm not completely off grid. Ah' anyway.
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We're completely fine with solitary work. Some of us as system members do see the host in this system helping walk-ins frequently as a spiritual job. Though we in real life know of no one personally that does spiritual work, we have known of the existence of those sorts of workers for many years and hold those ones in high regard. If we experience any humans who are open minded, even just slightly, we try to tell them as much as possible about this sort of stuff as we can and sometimes it has helped them.


In the realm I myself am from which is essentially an alternate version of earth should you be open-minded to that sort of thing, I frequently front for others in other realms when it's necessary as I do have that ability. The reason why I am aware of that is because I was from an alternate version of Tokyo, Japan and I knew of the host in this system to be a fictional character in my original reality as it shocked me to find out I am a fictional character here and her to find out about that. That is how I am aware of so many things about her even though I just have been in the system for a short amount of time. My physical form, which is male, just goes into a coma-like state and is unharmed but a bit drowsy when I get back to it. My significant other and friends where I am from are very aware of this, and if I happen to feel worse than I normally do, that is a sign that someone may need fronting as it tends to happen right before I enter another mind space. We are completely off grid here, but we don't mind that.

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I used to belong to various groups, but my style of working is difficult to share with others. How does one do journeywork in a group anyway? I've seen attempts made, but usually everyone just goes their own way and sort of compares notes later. Sometimes the notes coincide to some extent.


But group work is usually ritual work and my brain is just not wired that way. I've tried it and, well, it's like trying to write with my nondominant hand. I'm much better at diving in and grabbing the energies directly.


My kintype also makes it feel a bit awkward sometimes. I don't mean for it to be that way, but usually I'm coming at things from a different perspective than most. No one was ever really mean about it, even when I was open about it, but there was still a subtle temptation to change how I do things, or how I talk about things, to fit in better. That did trip me up in a few ways. I miss having the support of a group, but the work itself flows more smoothly when I just do my own thing.


As for what the work is, energy channeling seems to top the list. That seems to happen involuntarily. I can adjust it somewhat, but it happens even when I'm not consciously aware of it. It has invaded my dreams and woken me up from sleep more than once. The stuff I actively do centers around forming and reinforcing bonds and connections, and something similar to gardening on a grand scale, land work, purification, prosperity, that kind of thing. I almost never do magic just for myself, but for my divine family or my city or something like that.

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