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[IN PROGRESS] (Voluntary) Kin type database.


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After picking up some unfamiliar scents in introduction, others encouraged me to suggest the idea of an easier way new members can find others who share a kin, kith or otherwise relationship.


I've seen polls elsewhere where there is a non-exhaustive list of species and otherkin, for example..


3 votes - Raven/Crow: <list of members who voted>

7 votes - Tiger: Sasha, so-and-so, ...

5 votes - Western Dragon: <...>


A new member could perhaps see, "oh there's a fellow demon-kin and they're active, maybe I can message them about their experience" and feel a little less isolated if they cannot identify with another here right away.


An exhaustive list is a rabbit hole, though I feel it could be an interesting project if only to assist those who are unable to easily relate their kin type to many.


My thoughts are it could complement the scent rolling area with as a sticky. If a poll is cannot be dynamic, I would be willing to cater a list from a thread of people who volunteer their kin type.



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Panthera tigris (golden variation) / Corvidae (common crow or raven) in cameo / Salmonid as my totem base

"Show me your grace - to remind me to find my own."

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How specific or vague should they be? or should we just include every possible kintype / theriotype lable?


almost in a sort of "phylogenetic tree", from least to most specific would be therian -> mammalkin -> lagomorphkin (bunnies + pikas) -> leporidkin (or 'bunnykin', rabbits+hares) -> harekin -> jackrabbitkin (specifically antelope jackrabbits).



I'd imagine (and suggest) the most useful would be right in the middle, such as 'lagomorph', 'rodent', 'arachnid', 'animekin' ect, and simply have each user that comes up with that tag with their kintype they've listed in their profile (as to clarify their exact kintype inside the own results for the category) as well as a 'last seen' timestamp.

A possible "DM-friendly" or "Do Not DM" indicator would be nice too, for those that may not be open to random people directly messaging them.



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These are great suggestions. Although polls were the only tool I've seen elsewhere for this, I am reminded of other survey-like threads where the OP simply catalogues as necessary.


To fit your example, the OP could be like


List of kin-types


  • Lagomorphs
    member 1, member 2
    • Hare:
      member 3

Or maybe even



  • member 1 (jack rabbit), member 2 (jack rabbit), member 3 (melanistic hare, no DM)


To be completely honest, I haven't a clue how it can be implemented on the forum or if it is a useful idea .. and new users can already create a topic "are there any other <xyz>kin out there?" to get a relatively up to date exposure to anyone who is or may know an active member who is that kin type.


Oh well, I got to have an excuse to play with pretty BBcode lists at midnight. :)

Panthera tigris (golden variation) / Corvidae (common crow or raven) in cameo / Salmonid as my totem base

"Show me your grace - to remind me to find my own."

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We are collecting information for a kintype database at this time. Please submit as much information as you can to it.


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