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Past life-ey song

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I will have to take a listen later (I am new to the SU universe) though I can certainly agree that the song has a deeper meaning!


Familiar, why is this so familiar?

Familiar, like something I used to know

Familiar, staring up at the ceiling

Familiar, I swear that I know this feeling


Where everybody wants me to be mom

And everything I do, I do it wrong

I sway them with a joke, or with a song

And maybe that'll help us get along


Familiar, why is this so familiar?

Familiar, like something I used to do

Familiar, like she used to throw a tantrum

Insisting that, "Hey, I'm a Diamond too"


I bet she drove them crazy all the time

They love her but they're leaving her behind

With more important places they should be

Than hanging out with someone just like me


Familiar, that's why it's so familiar

Familiar, like someone I used to be

Familiar, but this time I've had some practice

At helping a struggling family


Oh, I'll get them all together in one place

And once we're all together face to face

I'll show them all the error of their ways

And stop their spread of terror across space

(lyrics by musixmatch)

Panthera tigris (golden variation) / Corvidae (common crow or raven) in cameo / Salmonid as my totem base

"Show me your grace - to remind me to find my own."

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