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A place for new articles (etc.) on main page?

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I happened to accidentally stumble upon the articles area and noticed, since July, three more have been posted that made for good bed time reading.


If more work is put in to them (I had a 20+ entry kin etymology article on the back burner similar to @Naia's) should articles deserve a featured area somewhere on the main page?


Proposals I pull off the top of my head:

  • if on the side bar, to condense existing information (i.e. combining 'staff online' and 'members online' blocks, condense donation drive such as the timer or description, combine donor headings etc.) to make room
  • if as a new forum section, where @KinBot could perhaps make a new thread for each article posted with a link to it:
    • ideally as an open thread for each article to discuss/collaborate to produce higher quality content for guests (general comments can be left on the public/real article page as it is now)

Semi-related topic, a list of recent blogs, media or social groups since that has been revamped I reckon might garner more than a few dozen views a month if they were somewhere upfront.


I know the front forum list is not the 'only' focus and I might just be special or lazy to find new things, though it and 'new forum posts' is where I tend to spend a 95% of my time.

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I've added a right-sidebar option for new articles. It'll only show to logged in users, of course. I don't want to promote social groups or blogs on the front page, as they are more personal and per-user than they are a full-on contribution to the site itself.

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