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The green verified badge on Kinmunity lets people know that a user of public interest's identity has confirmed by Kinmunity Staff and that they are an authentic person. Kinmunity Staff work diligently to seek out and approach well-known members of the communities we serve to help them achieve verified status on Kinmunity. However, we also allow any member over the age of eighteen to request verification if they feel they meet our notability criteria, explained below:

  • Staff Members
    • Current and former staff members of Kinmunity will be automatically verified.


    • Designated staff members of known alterhuman resources who are registered with Kinmunity's Embassy Service will automatically be verified.


    • Kinmunity elders are eligible for verification, but they must request verification from account settings. If all is well, the verification badge will be granted.

    [*]Other Notable Persons

    • Alterhumans who have appeared in media productions with a significant viewershipmay be eligible for verification.
      • Generally speaking, appearing on television or on a popular YouTube channel would meet qualification requirements, while appearing on a local radio talk show would not/

      [*]Alterhumans who maintain significant and well-known community resourcesmay be eligible for verification.

      • This excludes creators of controversial resources which are sanctioned or disavowed by Kinmunity.

      [*]Alterhumans with a significant social media followingmay be eligible for verification.

      • This includes well known YouTubers, Instagrammers, TikTokers, etc.

      [*]Academic researchers who are approved to conduct research on Kinmunity may be eligible for verification.

      [*]Academic researchers who have published works related to the alterhuman community may be eligible for verification.

Verification does not imply endorsement of opinions, posts, or content by Kinmunity staff; it simply means a user meets our verification criteria and we have performed precursory check of their identity.

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