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Gear and thoughts


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Just ordered two choker collars off of Etsy! So excited. 💕


I tend to use collars and clothing to express my feline side rather than tails or ears. While they're nice to have sometimes, usually they just feel a bit... unnecessary? Like, I already have ears, a tail, and all that other jazz most of the time. It's always apart of me, so why would there be a need for fake ears or a tail? Hmmm, I don't know. Ears and tails feel sorta like an extra accessory, meanwhile collars, makeup, nails, clothes, jewelry, etc are daily things I use to present myself in this human body- which my animality is usually included in that presentation. That's just my personal preferences and thoughts though hahaaa. I'd love to hear how others may feel.


I shall eagerly be awaiting the arrival of both collars. [ATTACH type=full]3785[/ATTACH]

"So first, your memory I'll jog

And say: a cat is not a dog"

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