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Picrew or other avatar creator things


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I had a bunch in a twitter thread but half of the links don't work now, no idea why! Anyways, here's a few of the ones I really like and the links still work:

This one has a bunch of cool options rawravera's icon maker

Not as many options but I really like the style Vickie's Icon Maker

Super cute, lots of options, happy that it has pastel/light hair color options lol エリーのメーカー

Dragons with pride flags!!! Dragon Maker

More dragon Kobold Creation

Anthro picrew! Not sure if the chest is intentional but there's no way to make it like, smaller. I think that's just how the artist drew it and they didn't mean to make it look like a feminine body ?? Anyways it's still cute and has a bunch of options! Mrsquidgereen's Fursona Maker

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I created something that looks somewhat like me with the rawravera one @Kara ! I love that one because it actually had things in my style!

“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

Demonkin, Wolfkin, and Sirenkin, plural system with many headmates, all open for contact

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as expected, I’ll start with the kitty maker \(//∇//)\ this one is super duper cute! I’m in a group that shares around picrews so I have a lot!


kitty maker: Animal Maker

pixel avatar maker: Pixel Avatar

funny wizard maker: Build-A-Wiz

cute icon maker: piccyn

full-body character creator: 껍질-미리깐 메이커

icon maker (2): adrisona maker

planet guy maker: Space Cuties by @gabbydarienzo


tadaaa!!! I might add more later but here’s a few that I reallly like

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