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Successful Server Move


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As you may have noticed by the small period of downtime, Kinmunity has moved to another server. This move was performed for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to:

  • more storage space
  • more processing power
  • more RAM
  • separation between Lycanthropy LLC production and testing grounds

This will ensure continued stability of the site, as well as ensure privacy and security for all of our users. Since the server move is complete, we will be working on adding new features to the site, eventually putting Wolf Howl back up and linking it to Kinmunity, among other special projects.


Additionally, I'll be adding items to the bones shop today! I'd like to personally thank everyone for being a part of Kinmunity. If you count our predecessor Wulf Howl, we now have now been a part of the alterhuman community for a solid ten years. Despite being less active in the overall community, I am proud to be your sysadmin and to help play a part in our history.


If you like the site, please consider a donation!


/s/ Naia

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Naia Ōkami [ID] [KB] [KO]

Site Administrator & Founder


Kinmunity is supported as a labor of love by its

staff team, with contributions from users all over the world. If our community means something to you, please consider donating. Donations help off-set the costs to run the site, as well as fund new features!


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