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Today's Question: Is it easier to love or be loved?


My Answer: For me, it's easier to love. I have a big heart and get attached easily. I do desire that feeling of being loved, however I think it would be hard for me to actually accept that someone would love me because I get frustatrated at myself a lot and believe that I'm not good enough often. One simple mistake can make me doubt everything. For someone to love me would probably also be difficult because as much as I love so many things, I have only ever fallen in love twice. I'm quite introverted and prefer to read and daydream than interact and go to social events. I like animals and beings in my head more than actual people, so to actually get to know the real me in the first place would be difficult especially because I also have a lot of secrets and I would most likely push you away anyway what with the self-hatred etc.

💗🏳️‍🌈💗 / Ever (she/her) / Emma (he/him or they/them) / Xia (ae/aer or she/her) / Taurus (any/all) / 💗🏳️‍🌈💗

"The only thing stronger than darkness? Is light." - Lynette Noni

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