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1. Ok so I'm quite sure many people have suggested this already but looking at the articles tab is a great start and maybe just asking yourself some simple questions about topics mentioned there e.g. do I experience shifting of any kind, do I get animalistic urges, am I a (insert theriotype) and see if it feels right or wrong. Any that feel completely wrong you can rule off your list seeming I believe that whatever your identity is it should feel 'right' to say that that is your identity, if not, it's likely not you).


2. Research! Now I know that this isn't everyones favourite thing to do but by looking at your answers to the questions you asked yourself from step 1 you should be able to do some dedicated research into different animals and their habits, features etc. and maybe rule some stuff off. e.g. You might pop said that you get cravnvings for meat and you like to howl so you can research 'animals that howl' or 'carnivores animals.' It might start really broad but even only 20 minutes of some reading, scrolling, checking and note taking can be a big step. I actually did this when I was questioning my sexuality and whilst I didn't find it all out on the spot I could post definelty grasp a better understanding and rule out some of my theories.


3. Remember that a) it is ok to not know your exact theriotype yet. Never feel bad that you can't figure it out, it just takes time and support which we are all willing to give! I haven't completely figured out myself yet either tbh. And b) You can have multiple their-types so son't feel pressured to fit into one creature


That's my hurried 1 am thoughts so if they're kind of jumbled and not that great sorry! If you need more help don't be afraid to ask and I will try to answer when it is a reasonable hour.

💗🏳️‍🌈💗 / Ever (she/her) / Emma (he/him or they/them) / Xia (ae/aer or she/her) / Taurus (any/all) / 💗🏳️‍🌈💗

"The only thing stronger than darkness? Is light." - Lynette Noni

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