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What symbols do you like / are you drawn to?

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Stars and astrological symbols. I've always been drawn towards space and the imagery of stars. I have a feeling that I, as an angel, have some connection with stars, space, and the night sky. Also divination... Me being drawn to astrology makes sense. It is based off of the night sky and the way the sun, the moon, and the planets (formerly thought of as stars) move within it.


I've felt this way about myself since my (re)awakening, when I detached from the general angelkin community to form my own self understanding.


Of course I have to mention being heavily associated with owls and owl symbolism, but I'm not sure if that is the kind of symbol you are referring to.

Stuart (2D) and Murdoc

We're plural and fictionkind.


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As long as I can think of, I felt drawn to the symbols of the norse gods and to norse mythology.

Especially the symbols of Vegvisir , Mjölnir , Yggdrasil , The Web of Wyrd , Aegishjalmr and The Horns of Odin

Crow [celestial warrior & keeper] | | Lhyr [wolf-demon] | | Reaper [grim reaper]

they/them, agender | | he/him, male | | he/him, male

Currently fronting : Crow

It is not always black and white. Some beings are in between. Some seem nice but harm you from behind and others look evil but are loyal friends.

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Guest Deleted member 57045
A big one for all of us is the nordic rune Thurisaz, every time we see it it brings us comfort and fills us with a sense of bravery. We like drawing it on the sides of our books as well!
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The most longevitous symbols for me have been the moon in various phases and night--stars, the creeping shadow in the under and midstory, the way lights in the forest make the tall trunks look like cathedral pillars. The world under dim starlight still has my heart.


Younger symbols are leaves and flowers, moons with filigree, etc. specific fruits, flowers, or non flowering stages of plants can symbolize months for me--or important parts of my life like falling in love or starting certain journeys.

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A quick sketch of a few symbols that pop in my head and find myself doodling



[ATTACH type=full]4004[/ATTACH][ATTACH type=full]4003[/ATTACH]

The part of my mind which brought me here (Chrysalis in a matter of speaking ) has been insistent on traveling between my homes and I felt that managing to do something along the lines of that would be a challenge to my intellect.
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Guest Deleted member 56852

I used to have a certain sigil on my wall to protect me from entities considering the house I live in now and in at the time was haunted as hell. I took it down and ripped it up because I was genuinely upset at the world, and it didn't end well working on drawing another one. Preferably a stronger one now.

Pretty sure it was the Triquetera.

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Eye symbols and astrological symbols! I plan on getting knuckle tattoos of the planetary symbols and several tattoos of eyes whenever I have the money to! I also have a big soft spot for alchemical symbols since I base a lot of my spirituality around space and astro-chemistry

heymemo on tumblr

xe/xem & ae/aer

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I'm a Kemetic, so the ankh, the was sceptr, the scarab and certain crowns deities and pharoahs wear have special significance to me.

Black Cats are seen as messengers and inhabitors of the Sabbat in the other part of my faith, and horses have a very special meaning in my family. Dogs are seen as protectors both on the physical world and the spirit world.

I'm also particularly drawn to the cardinal direction of the south, and triangles find their way into my practice. There are also seals used to invoke/evoke certain spirits.

Red Western Dragon Kin. Psych Kin. Consumer of Publix sweet tea. 🐲🐲🔥🔥🍵

20yr. Call me Dre/Dreanna. She/her mostly but He/Him is okay.

queer fem woman, also man.

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The cross, the square, the eye, the star, and the heart. I was raised Eastern Orthodox Christian, so the cross has been a part of my human life since my birth. Even after disassociating with the religion, the cross has maintained a firm place in my life. It comforts me, perhaps because I always loved my church and associated attending services with happiness (I would still attend, really, if I did not feel like my presence as a nonbeliever would be disrespectful - the entire service was quite beautiful, both aesthetically and emotionally). The square was the first shape I chose for myself, and I believe it is related to the overwhelming presence of the number 4 around me. Sight is a powerful theme in my life; I am always observing others because I primarily learn from watching and I am a naturally curious being. I am often told by friends that I can see through to the heart of a matter clearly when others can't. Stars represent the divine universe extended all around and within me. The heart, to me, is often the only thing that matters in most situations. Emotions are my energy. Also, it's cute!

"Wholly wounded, I imitate, I take shape."


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I’m respectively drawn to any symbol that represent the wolf paw and dragon. I have a dragon necklace, and a few wolf necklaces, each has a significance- though I’d like to get a wolf paw necklace. The connection I have to these symbols is both fascinating and surreal. Makes me curious as to why I’m drawn to them.

Storm Talis | Canis Lupus | Australia | She/Her


“There’s A Pack Of Wolves Living In Her Soul.”

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I've been drawn to crowns for about 15 years and I used them as a personal symbol for a long time, until I changed my name when I transitioned. After transitioning, I became very drawn to stars and replaced the crown in my signature with a star. I don't know if they have to do with my kintypes (though I could see how the star would fit in) but they are symbols I feel represent 'me.'

A pair of bonded alien creatures that resemble a black dragon and an elf. 🐲 🧝‍♂️
Werewolf copinglink. 🐺  •  Otherhearted. 💕
they/them or xe/xem

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