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Talk about your faves!


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Favorite shows, favorite characters, favorite books, songs, webcomics even! You name it! Talk about it here! 


I'll start! I may or may not have started this because I wanted to just yell about how much I love Spider-Man, especially after we had the amazing movie Into The Spiderverse grace us, and we just got hit with the new trailer release for Spider-Man Far From Home. I am a super huge Spider-Fan. I've always loved Spider-Man, and I feel that he is kinda responsible for kicking off comic book movies. Back in the Old Times we had the first Spider-Man movies and they influenced me a lot as a kid. I did gymnastics growing up and after the Spider-Man movie came out I was super excited to be using my gymnastic abilities to pull off sick Spider-Stunts. The character has always resonated with me. Peter is a science nerd that life has just beat down, but he is determined to protect the people any way. He always does his best. And he's funny! Spider-Man's quips left a big imprint on me that carries through to this day. I just cant resist a good pun! Spider-Man has even played a part in my physical health as an adult. I really want to cosplay Spider-Man some day, so I have spent a good amount of time working out to be in the kinda shape that Peter would have to be in to do what he does. I tree and rock climb, which certainly help my physique. I do about a 30 minute work out everyday to keep in good shape and keep flexible. Spider-Man has been nothing but a positive influence in my life. 


I hope this dumb love letter to a fictional character inspires some of you to share some of your favorites!



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I'll control myself, and not make this just me gushing about Bendy.


So I'll talk about my favorite YouTube star instead. He's called PeanutButterGamer and he's a very good boy.  I first discovered him back in sixth grade, in his video "Top ten scariest enemies in video games". That video of his will always be my favorite, but I love all his videos. They always make me laugh and smile. His humor is spot on, I love all the little joke songs he sings (in a great singing voice btw) 


I highly recommend you all go check out this pure nerd boy. :3



Proud ink being

Pearl <3 Bendy

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Similar to InkyDaily (which did make me chuckle at first because of said similarity), I’ll not just talk about Vivian...


DAGames on YouTube is the only artist I actually follow daily, I just love the songs he makes - both game-wise and his own original songs. It was sometimes me finding his songs that I found games that I might actually enjoy.


(Reminds me, @InkyDaily check out his songs around your source, I love them - especially ‘Build Our Machine’)


I do watch some of his playthroughs as well, although it’s the music that captures me every time.



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Guest Deleted member 89

Squad Palindrome is hyperfixating on FNaF again so let's talk about Lolbit. 


Okay so they're 


1. a fox 

2. a pirate 

3. an easter egg/extra character 

4. have a cool tv aesthetic in their main game appearances 

5. literally the colors of the nonbinary flag 


which apparently fits the standards of all six of us and Lolbit is collectively our favorite character in the Five Night at Freddy's series and they've only appeared as a shopkeeper in a spinoff, as an enemy is an extra custom night in SL, and as a completely random extra character in UCN I have no idea why we like them so much but they're our fox child apparently 





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It appears the time has finally come! I've been waiting since Kinmunity opened back in 2014 for a time and place to discuss this where it would be on-topic and appropriate, and now here's my chance!  :Nerd:



I'm a huge Sonic fan, which probably surprises absolutely nobody. I like almost all of the games that have been released (with the notable exceptions of Lost World, Sonic Labyrinth, and Sonic 06 (which is more of a guilty pleasure than an outright hate)) My favorite 2D Sonic games would have to be Sonic The Hedgehog 2 and Sonic Mania. I consider Sonic 3 & Knuckles one game, as that is how things were originally intended, and it is a close second. My favorite 3D Sonic games would have to be both Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. Sonic Heroes is actually my second favorite 3D game. I very much enjoyed Sonic X, Sonic the Hedgehog (known to Sonic fans as Sonic SatAM), and Sonic Boom as far as television is concerned. I was not at all a fan of Sonic Underground (except for the opening song) or Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. 


I've been a Sonic fan since a rather young age. There is actually a photo of me in the house somewhere from when I brought my Sonic & Knuckles Collection CD to elementary school and played it during my free time. I'll be happy to share if anyone is interested, as it shouldn't be hard to find. Anyways, if you have any questions about my interest in Sonic feel free to ask, but I'll try not to write a novel here haha.



Naia Ōkami [ID] [KB] [KO]

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I've very recently become a massive fan of My Hero Academia, particularly the character All Might. My art over the past few months have featured this character almost exclusively. I'm not entirely sure why I've clung to this character so completely, but I've recently noticed that his "skinny" form has the same proportions as my kintype, and the shadowed eyes certainly helps add to the resemblance. In any case, I love everything about the man and could gush for hours if given the chance.



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I haven't touched them since 5th grade, but when I was a kid my favorite book series was Children of the Red King (otherwise called the Charlie Bone series because main character). From what I remember, it was kind of a poor man's Harry Potter, except instead of Hogwarts he gets sent to a weirdly depressing art school, and instead of being a full-blown wizard the only supernatural power he has is the ability to hear the voices of people in photographs. No, this is not a useful superpower — aside from maybe once it's usually just a detriment — which is why he gets a wand later on. A wand that only works when you're speaking welsh, and which at one point permanently becomes a moth for reasons that I'm not sure how to explain.


It's the kind of thing that I look back on fondly and remember thoroughly enjoying, but probably won't ever read again because it would ruin the vague nostalgia I feel for it. Either way it holds a place in my heart. Not a special place, but definitely a place.



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  • 2 years later...

Shows i like are bfb/bfdi/tpot, south park, and beastars.


Characters i like are Lollipop (bfb), Louis (beastars), Foxy (piggy), and Pico (picos school, and fnf).


Books i like are the warrior cats series, and any books about megalodons.


Songs I like are The Might Rio Grande, Running With Wolves, Wild Side, Horror Pantomime, and probably more.


And movies I like are A wrinkle in time, Wolf walkers, Earth to echo, and Coraline.

"they call him hermit the frog, hes looking for a dog. did you find your b!tch in me? your an abomination socially.."




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I don't know what resonates with me so deeply in these books, but the journey's and emotions of the cats are written so vividly, so beautifully that it's like you're feeling them too. I love reading the super editions and hythoesing and linking and figuring out all the little hidden secrets. Like do you realise how old some of the cats are? Or that Mothflight, the Mothflight, was Windrunner's daughter and actually despised for her talents? I love the experiences reading them gives you, from the ferociousness of a mother protecting her kits, to the compassion from one species to another or the bravery of a young kit faced with their mother's death on the battlefield, to the loyalty and dedication to one's home, to the passion to achieve a dream, to the love that knows no bounds (especially when it comes to between clan relationships). It breaks my heart every time, and heals it again. You meet cats who you'll adore forever (Rainwhisker was mention like three times at the most, wasn't even a minor main character, yet I loved him so, so much), you go through a rollercoaster of feelings. Honestly, I can never tear myself away from them. I had to force myself to stop re-reading Yellowfang's Secret so that I could check my KM notifications.


One of the coolest things about the series though, is seeing it from different perspectives. For example, reading Power of Three, and Omen of the Stars and such, I hated Breezepelt, and I mean hated. And then I read Crowfeather's super edition and you realise there is so much stuff that you don't know. He's just a cat, like everybody else. He made a mistake. He is not the enemy, he is alone, and bitter and fighting to belong in his own home. And it was so sad. And Tallshadow! (Shadowstar) I thought she was a little stuck up and not seeing the bigger picture, and then you read her novella and see how much she was trying to do for her clan. That she just wanted her clan to not vanish when she left. She was aware she was going to die soon, and wanted to make sure her family would survive. Crookedstar! Why was he so mean to Silverkit? Because he was afraid that every cat who he loved would die because of some evil cat in the Dark Forest! That evil cat? (Mapleshade) Was heartbroken, and died angry and regretful. Her mate rejected her, her clan rejected her, her kits all died by drowning, she spent her whole life on the run! Every cat has a story. And I love learning about them all and trying to understand every single one, fighting against others when they hate against innocent cats trying to live.


It's the issues that humans face, adapted into a world full of cats, so simple and yet so complex, which really, truly gives us a perspective. To get us to understand.


Welp, so much for keeping it short.

💗🏳️‍🌈💗 / Ever (she/her) / Emma (he/him or they/them) / Xia (ae/aer or she/her) / Taurus (any/all) / 💗🏳️‍🌈💗

"The only thing stronger than darkness? Is light." - Lynette Noni

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