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Write a Story Prompt


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This is an idea I thought of last night, will see how it goes.

I start with a story prompt, just a short sentence. Can be a question, a statement, anything. Go wild. Then someone responds with a short extension of that prompt with something creative they come up with. They then make another prompt for the next person to use.


This will hopefully help stir those creative thoughts. Only original thoughts! Not allowed to use other fictional characters or stories. Make it all your own.


An example...


"It was a dark and stormy night."

Second person:

"It was a dark and stormy night, as it had been for 8 Earth days now. The planet was far from Earth's own system, and it was an experience gruelling for the humans that were used to 24 hour days. There were concerns the extended day cycles would turn them mad, so the researchers constructed a light room, specifically made to simulate artificial day (as well as night).


Prompt: Last year's Halloween was a night to remember."


And now that I've left that prompt in the open, I'll use it. So to start with...

"Last year's Halloween was a night to remember."

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It was the day they finally reappeared on the surface of the Earth after years of slumber under dirt and stone. They roamed under the streetlights, startling families off the streets and halting any festivities. The creatures began in small groups, but their numbers increased significantly as the night went on. It's strange to think that it's only been one year, because it feels like many more have passed. Every day that I live in this nightmare feels like a decade instead.


(This just sounds like zombies. I didn't mean for it to be... I wanted it to be up to interpretation.)


Prompt: You have never seen the sun. All you know is the shadows of the caves your family retreated into years before you came along.

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