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Cool kintypes.


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It is a bit on those nose I feel to be self-referential in passing, as well as slightly controversial as some of us from the older days may recall, but "novel types" are some of the most interesting. I have encountered a number of say, wolves, lions, tigers, and so forth, but then I have seen "unusual" ones such as brown bears or leopards. The more unusual it becomes, in a way it gains some of its exoticism and intrigue, right or wrong. What makes it much more interesting is when the party expressing it can articulate it extensively and why it is as it is, how they can develop that level of certainty. A few years ago now, here in this very community, it was asked how exactly I myself could be so certain of my being's likely exact species, which is an incredibly difficult and meaningful question. Which is why the idea of unusual examples fascinate me, because I too have witnessed some responses which are so overwhelmingly intricate and detailed, often without any means or possibility of being pre-rehearsed or studied, and they still convey it with certainty. At times questions will be purposefully posed, knowing that the odds of them knowing the answers of which I know myself are not likely to be known to the larger public or not easily recovered, and yet the descriptions are completely mesmerizing.

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If I ever met someone fictionkin of Georgie from the PGHL RP films series (piggy AU), i'd wanna be their best friend.

"they call him hermit the frog, hes looking for a dog. did you find your b!tch in me? your an abomination socially.."




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For me, I think a megalodon kintype is neat.



I am a megalodon

Ocean feelin like a pond

swimmin like a beast, underneath

They be clingin on

Meteoric rise

In prehistoric times

Now that meteor is comin






In all seriousness though, I've always thought androidkin were pretty cool

and you don't really see them that often

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I know a caracal therian on this website, which I find really cool.


Within isolation comes self-discovery.


~Caracal therian (C. caracal caracal) | Sunny fictionkin (Omori) | Razorwhip fictherian (Dragons: Race To The Edge)~

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I don't know that there's any particular kintype or theriotype I would consider "cooler" than others. I really see kintype/theriotype as sort of value-neutral in terms of how "cool" or "interesting" they are. It's like with the concept of race among humans. (Something we also don't choose, but that's a bit more visible.) Being of one race or another does not make a folken more "cool" or more "interesting" than someone of another race. Now, does it affect the way in which you experience, view, and are viewed by the world around you? Absolutely. That seems to be inescapable. But it's still value-neutral in terms of your intrinsic value as a member of human society. One's kintype or theriotype is much the same. You can be non-kin and be fascinating; and likewise, you can be an ancient dragon from another universe and be duller than dirt. It's the individual, not the species or type.


A folken can have the most unique kintype I've ever seen and it's really not that interesting if they know nothing about it. That isn't a slight against those who are just figuring themselves out. I just figured out the subspecies of one of my wolf theriotypes this week, so I am very much in touch with that feeling of "give me a minute, I'm new." But nevertheless, I do find it more interesting to listen to folkel talk about their kintypes when they're able to do so in a fair amount of depth. Especially when that depth comes from memories.


I will have to agree with many of the other folkel on this thread, that I tend to get drawn in more easily by unique kintypes. Even though that directly conflicts with everything I've just said. But I tend to be curious. I've met approximately eleventy billion wolves and have two wolf theriotypes myself. I will be less curious about another wolf therian than, say, someone with a naga kintype. However, if the folken with the naga kintype can't explain anything about it, but the wolf therian can recall where they lived and what their packmates were like and what sort of prey they hunted and what things they experienced as a wolf or whatever other details... Guess who I'm going to find more interesting. It's not the naga.


Wolf Therian | Gryphonkin | Kitsunekin | Crowkith | Ravenkith | Red-Tailed Hawk-kith

They/Them :nerd: Xe/Xir

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