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Favourite Pictures of your Kithtype/s


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I am curious to see anybodies favourite pictures of their kithtype.

Here are some of mine.



2 of my favourite pictures of crows




And 2 of my favourite pictures of my tarantula Luca.




And 2 pictures of grey wolfes in snow



Crow [celestial warrior & keeper] | | Lhyr [wolf-demon] | | Reaper [grim reaper]

they/them, agender | | he/him, male | | he/him, male

Currently fronting : Crow

It is not always black and white. Some beings are in between. Some seem nice but harm you from behind and others look evil but are loyal friends.

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Oh I have a couple of pictures



[ATTACH type=full]4212[/ATTACH]


Snake (I think this is a young boelen's python, and an adult boelen's python)

[ATTACH type=full]4213[/ATTACH]

[ATTACH type=full]4214[/ATTACH]


Mustelids (Pine marten, stoat, and wolverine respectively)

[ATTACH type=full]4215[/ATTACH]

[ATTACH type=full]4216[/ATTACH]

[ATTACH type=full]4217[/ATTACH]


And here's a coyote

[ATTACH type=full]4218[/ATTACH]


I have a lot more but I think I've put enough here, that would be a very long list.

"the monster stands at the threshold of becoming"


Pines [Animalistic Nature Spirit]

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