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Images that made you laugh hysterically

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[ATTACH type=full" width="490px]4380[/ATTACH]

[ATTACH type=full" width="513px]4381[/ATTACH]

[ATTACH type=full]4382[/ATTACH]

Median/Dreamway system

Donnie&Leo (Fictive) Kirby (faekin//polymorph//clown) Dib (fictive) Raemus (werewolf) Gabriel (angel)

Polyamorous // Aro Ace // System // Immersive Daydreamer // Roleplayer // Dm's open

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Guest Deleted member 57549

[ATTACH type=full" alt="csdoctor.jpeg]4433[/ATTACH]



- Any doctor here?

+ I'm a doctor! What's going on?

- A heart attack!

+ I'm a doctor of Computer Science!

- He is going to die!

+ printF();

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[ATTACH type=full]4434[/ATTACH]

[ATTACH type=full]4435[/ATTACH]


[ATTACH type=full" width="490px" alt="bd76e0832575af0892ee65801e2cc8c1.jpg]4380[/ATTACH]

[ATTACH type=full" width="513px" alt="p4qbtqyq1gw51.jpg]4381[/ATTACH]

[ATTACH type=full" alt="4zcq24.jpg]4382[/ATTACH]

IT IS A WATERMELON. LITERALLY I TOLD MYSELF "If my mother asks what this means (referring to a kandi choker with the flag on it) I will say it's representing watermelon."

"they call him hermit the frog, hes looking for a dog. did you find your b!tch in me? your an abomination socially.."




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I'm gonna start posting these heremain-qimg-681f0bde49a03830a0b55b3903545349This is where they truly belong. Thanks, Howk. ;)




I'm so sorry, I found another really good onesub-buzz-30667-1524182781-1.png?downsize=600:*&output-format=auto&output-quality=auto

Edited by Frank Poddelka

🛡️Frank Poddelka⚔️ Virs Fortes System

Frank - Protector/hero/warrior Arashilabar - Negotiator/friend Ulyssis - Immunes/soldier

Alex - Praetor/governor/strategist Luke - Senator/councillor

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cursed toy plants lmao

[ATTACH type=full]4654[/ATTACH]

[ATTACH type=full]4655[/ATTACH]

Skips the petkin polymorph!! kit/kits/kitself ☆ it/its ♡ flutter/flutters/flutterself ☆ mew/mews/mewself ♡ dew/dews/dewself ☆ syl/sylv/sylvs/sylvself ♡ fey/fem/feir ☆ pup/pups/pupself ♡ bun/buns/bunself ☆ fluff/fluffs/fluffself ♡ nip/nips/nipself
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