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Favorite Aspects of TTRPGs?


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I'm currently developing what I hope to be a series of alterhuman-inspired TTRPGs, with one complete and going through the final stages of beta testing and two more still being drafted. My project's gotten me thinking: for those of you who enjoy TTRPGs, what's your favorite aspects of them? What themes do you love to see in your game? Do you prefer long or short games? Do you have any you'd recommend? Do you have any stories from game past that you'd want to share?


For me, I love anything improv-based. I like a wide berth to goof off or be serious as I like, especially if it's a game I'm playing with a group of close friends. I've always been someone who's more inclined towards the roleplay aspects than the strategy or combat aspects of rpg games, because it's just what I find most fun. Getting to build up a character and watch them grow (or spiral) is something I feel deeply satisfying, especially if the game is one where I can get very attached to the character in question.


My ADHD makes it hard to sit and start playing anything, but once I'm settled I especially love longer, multi-session games like D&D and Delta Green (which I highly recommend if you like cryptids, monsters, the eldritch, SCPs, and similar!) I've tried a few shorter games like It's In the Vents! which have also been fun, but it just doesn't scratch the same itch that a session four or five hours long does. What about y'all?

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For me, the most important aspect of a TTRPG is replayability. Chance based scenarios, random maps, etc.

I don't mind longer games, I feel more invested in them. I personally love strategy in games, as well as management and organisation.

I can't say too much more as I've only played a select few TTRPGs.

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I like long sessions. I miss playing for 12 hours.


For me, the most important thing is the real freedom to choose your path,

and not too many numbers. Yes, I like battles in D&D but for me the improvisation and narration are more important.


I see role-playing as building stories together, so it's nice that the game can help to the narrator to make it easier.

Fate is the system I have played that I like the most for that,

I have seen narrators that only required three sentences to prepare a whole campaign. 😊

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Dnd has been my favorite game since late 4th grade. I love how it is impossible to really know what will happen, due to player creativity, stupidity, and npc actions.
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