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This is actually a small collection of stories, or I guess an aspect of my life: I rescue animals when the opportunity arises. It's always very rewarding but definitely has challenging moments. I always feel connected with animals and I could never leave them in a bad situation if I have a chance to help. So here's a list of some of the animals I've rescued:

- two baby bunnies whose mother/siblings were eaten/killed by another animal, likely a fox.

- a bird who flew into the outside wall of a house during a storm and damaged their wing.

- nine baby rats who were going to be dumped in the woods because they could not be used for snake food.

- a mother cat and two kittens who were left in my neighborhood or wandered from a barn property after not getting enough food.

- a puppy who was wandering a neighborhood with other stray dogs.

I hope to keep rescuing animals in the future by being a foster and having an animal sanctuary, but in the meantime I help the animals I find and I volunteer at shelters. Each animal has such a unique personality and I'm happy to help a fellow critter!

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Once I had to give away my pet dog, because we could no longer take care of her. I miss her, and me and my sister always complained about our parents leaving her in a shed for awhile, I still think it's was dumb of them to do that.. Atleast she's happy now.

"i wanna go home.. I- i dont like this party... im allergic to people!"


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