Kinmunity is permanently closed

Kinmunity was founded in 2011 as Wulf Howl to be an alternative otherkin community. That is, it was particularly founded with the intent of serving as a home for those who were outcast or otherwise found themselves unable to find community on existing sites at the time, such as Werelist, Otherkin Community, et al. It served its purpose well for many years, but unfortunately, all good things come to an end at some point. While the site being taken offline may seem sudden, this was a planned shutdown that was intended to take place in two weeks from 10/10/2022, but due to circumstances beyond the administration's control, had to be executed sooner.

Ultimately, for the privacy and safety of our users, all user and post data has been deleted. This is especially important as a particularly aggressive persistent stalker has targeted an administrator of this site, and we do not want users caught in their crosshairs. For this reason, the site will not be sold or transferred to another party as initially intended.