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Social medias great. That doesn't mean every community out there is perfect clean though.


I use YouTube to keep myself entertained and I have a Likee account at my fathers house. It's just like TikTok, but the community is less "toxic." I primarily post quadrobics and furry related content on there, but the account is no longer in use, and I quit, but I still use the app to watch stuff. I may post and edit on there, but that does not mean I'm coming back. I don't have motivation anymore XD.

"they call him hermit the frog, hes looking for a dog. did you find your b!tch in me? your an abomination socially.."




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Guest Deleted member 57743

I'm on Reddit, Tumblr, YT, and Snapchat. I don't have a Reddit account, but I look at the front page every day and go through whatever is available. I spend most of my time on YouTube, probably. I maintain multiple blogs on Tumblr, and I use Snapchat only to keep in touch with some friends.


I used to have a Facebook account, but I deleted it a long time ago. I disliked the algorithm, the spying, and the nasty users that populated the groups. Hearing that FB has become a hub of misinformation and hate is no surprise to me. IG and Whatsapp, being run by FB as well, hold no interest for me.


I never understood the appeal of Twitter, and I've never had an urge to download Tiktok.


Overall, my view of social media is mixed. It's a great way to keep in touch with people you already know and care about, but the downsides are steep. The social pressure to add and interact with people you don't particularly care for, the FOMO when you see group pics of your friends at an event you couldn't attend, the needy ads that pop up every few posts, etc. In my last few months on FB, I realized nobody ever typed out their own thoughts anymore. They just shared screencaps of posts written by other people on other websites. Something about that sat weirdly with me.


I prefer forums like this, where discussion is encouraged.

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Facebook: Only reason I have a FB account is to keep in contact with the cat shelter I volunteer at.

Twitter: Tried it, hated it. Lots of drama seeping in to my feed and Twitter's 'recommended for you' is horrible. For some reason it thought I wanted to see porn because I liked an artist that likes porn. There's no way to filter that stuff out so I ditched Twitter.

Tumblr: Tried it. Too much drama.


Only social media I frequent at the moment is Reddit. It has a similar level of organisation to forums, where you create a thread in its relevant topic. It has a certain... Sheeple mentality, where if one person starts downvoting then others usually follow. But other than that it's entertaining.

Ghost-Dragonkin | Snakehearted

I am immortal until proven otherwise.

I use tone tags!


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The trick to enjoying social media is to stay the hell out of discourse and internet slapfights, no matter how tempting it is. I engage once in a blue moon if I don't feel like it's going to last, and even if I'm right and the person ultimately blocks me or whatever, it's still a bit stressful for me, so I really never do it. People who only use social media for engaging in discourse don't have a healthy relationship with the internet and you can't change my mind lol. If you wanna do debates, do em on forums.


I mostly use Twitter and Tumblr for actually posting, and I guess IG too although not as much. FB I use for keeping up with friends and looking at my memories for "on this day X years ago." Im on others too but I don't need to go thru all of em lol.

- panthera onca -

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Guest Deleted member 57045

Hate them all except for tumblr, because I can easily find art there and I only see the content I curate for myself. Twitter may be the one I detest the most, so many ridiculous unwanted opinions made their way onto my timeline, even if I muted words or phrases. Also, it's filled to the brim with bigots, even more so than on other social media from what I've seen. Deleting my account there improved my mental health.

- King

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Tumblr is one of the sites that I find the most comfortable, because it has matured a lot. It used to be more stressful. I'm also figuring out how to better curate my feed to lower my stress. I try to stay away from discourse blogs. I use the block button. Tumblr also lets you filter out tags, which is good.


Reddit has interesting discussions, but it is only cool if you stay in the right communities. Don't go into places that make you uncomfortable on there, even though you may be curious. It can get ugly quickly if you find a questionable subreddit.

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Stuart (2D) and Murdoc

We're plural and fictionkind.


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Guest Deleted member 57549

I only use Telegram and Youtube, besides some forums like Kinmunity.


I stopped using any social media owned by Facebook when a worker commited suicide in one of their offices. I had also learned they make social experiments on their users, or that they listen to users "private" audios.

Everything leaded to remove it from my life.


And, honestly, I am very happy without WhatsApp and Instagram.


I also want to stop using Youtube, but I couldn't be able to get rid of Google in my life even if I tried (i need it for my job and the courses) anyway.


I was using Twitter to follow and connect with developers but it is so toxic it only brought me anxiety.

So no, thank you.


And I guess OKCupid may be considered a social media platform.

I like it but I think it became worse with the years.

Also, they try to be inclusive but they are not (maybe they improved since the last time I used it, i am not sure).

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