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Hotlink Protection Enabled


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A few other sites and members of said sites have decided that it is in their best interest to hotlink Kinmunity emojis without our permission. This includes emojis which we have direct and exclusive permission to use, and emojis that were created solely for the intent for use on Kinmunity. We are not going to allow them to waste our bandwidth displaying our exclusive content to their user base. This includes communities who have been identified as safety concerns by the Kinmunity administration. As a general rule, hotlinking to graphical content on Kinmunity is not allowed.


Hotlinking emojis is now blocked!

If you notice an image on another therian or kin site that shows Sonic The Hedgehog with the "That's No Good!" quote that seems out of place, chances are, they're trying to use our content without permission.

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