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Statement on Zoosexuality and Bestiality


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Within the alterhuman community, the topic of zoosexuality seems to be a rather controversial issue with differing viewpoints and opinions on the matter. Unfortunately, the facts are that each year, an uncountable number of animals are traumatized, injured, or killed after aggressive or repeated sexual acts. Furthermore, animals are sometimes also trafficked specifically for sexual purposes. Animals are not capable of giving informed consent to sexual encounters with humans. It is wrong, immoral, unethical, and illegal to engage in sexual activity without consent.


Kinmunity's Terms and Rules specify that:

...Kinmunity will not process registration requests from: ... people who have committed or advocate for the commission of bestiality ... or people convicted of crimes against animals... they must immediately discontinue use of the site.


Our stance on the matter is clear: We view any acts of bestiality as sexual assault, and we do not allow people who advocate for the commission of or actively commit such acts to hold an account on Kinmunity. Likewise, we only allow limited discussion of the topic in this thread. We are firmly against animal abuse. We don't care if this alienates us or reduces the number of alterhumans that use our site. This is not up for debate, and is not going to change.

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