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Your Favourite Moment in any Media


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Ever watch a show or play a game and come across something so astounding that the memory stays with you forever? Share them here!


As an example...

[spoiler=Portal 2 Spoilers (ENDING)]

The moment you shoot the moon, the silence and that very amusing ding sound... then the world starts caving in around you and you really feel like you have to grab hold. The music roaring in the background as Wheatley begs for his life, GLaDOS your former enemy not only cursing Wheatley to his eternal doom, but also saving you in the process - something she didn't need to do, then the calming silence when the portal closes and you fall to the ground. Oh my god. Chills through my entire body.



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Funny piggy endings go brrrrrrrr.



Chapter 12 spoilers ahead.

[iSPOILER]I'm not gonna go on google and search the specific cutscenes but, lets go true ending (what canonically happened to the Player). The memories that haunt Mr.P keep coming back to him, and George is angry. He threatened Mr.P, but we tell him he's no better than Mr.P if he does so, luckily we convinced George. He says we have to go back to the others, and I agree, but Mr.P stops us because he wants to tell his story. His wife was sick, and it was very deadly. He made a cure with his friends (that's me, Bunny) and he finds test volunteers, the Piggy family, aside from George. Mr.P is to stubborn, so he gives his wife the cure. Aka whole Infected starts. He says that's his selfish story. The Player/You thank him for sharing, and you head of to meet Zizzy and Pony at the outpost, you all talk, and wonder were to go next, then George suggests,


"Why don't we look for a cure?"[/iSPOILER]

"they call him hermit the frog, hes looking for a dog. did you find your b!tch in me? your an abomination socially.."




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