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asking questions about your profile picture/username!


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im just very curious lol!! i know a lot of times i have a little story or reason behind my username so i'd like to ask you about yours!

why did you pick your avatar or username? is there a specific reason, like because it reminds you of someone or represents a part of you? is it because its related to a kintype, or is it just a character that you like?

is it something you always reuse? (i use my profile picture for a lot lol!)


i'll go first! the reason i chose my username is because i usually go by nepeta online. im also really really into astral projection and astral/phantom limbs. i just find them so cool! i mainly use my profile picture because it looks like my theriotype, but i use it for a lot of things because i cant find any other image that looks that similar to it.

moss- it/wolf/moon/howl/soul

british columbia wolf therian / eurasian lynx therian / k9-hearted / fictionkin


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My username came from a nickname that an old friend gave to me. It was the initials of my birth name, and whilst I no longer go by any of those names anymore, J.E.B. has stuck with me.

The CC part is the initials of my very old cringy username I crafted when I was a child.


My avatar is an artistic rendition of a Kaprosuchus. I try to keep my avatars relevant to the community I'm a part of. If it's not a Kaprosuchus, I would probably set my avatar as my other-hearted type(s).

Ghost-Dragonkin | Snakehearted

I am immortal until proven otherwise.

I use tone tags!


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Right now we don't have a pfp so we can't comment on that, but our username which is also the name of our system does have meaning behind it.


Its tied to a specific character we played in a production of W/r of the Worlds we did. The character was a radio operator and 2x2L happened to be that radio operator character's call sign. We created a discord account around the same time we were in the particular production of the play, and for some reason when creating our discord account we happened to decide to pull our usename out of something from the play script since it was the best idea that which we could come up with at the time.


A while back we joined a particular LGBTQ+ discord server; one which we are still apart of. This particular server was responsible for us coming to terms with the idea of being nonhuman/ they also sorted witnessed a massive argument between two our our system members which was sort of the event that sort of finally made us realize we were a system. Well when we did not yet know we were a system (like literally about a weeks time a think after the time we first joined kinmunity is when this particular massive argument went down). So our reason for using 2x2L on kinnmunity is not directly linked to the system establishment. However, I guess the system decided to also keep 2x2L as the system name both for convenience and as a link to the event that finally pushed us to accept ourselves as a system.


(We have absolutely no idea who is actually fronting and writing this)

2x2L System
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My username is a mix of my name and Animations, it being a reference to Yenii animations who made the video of my awakening. My avatar is just a gif of Foxy, my fictoype. I didn't want to make it horror (not like there's any good horror art of him out there) nor cute so went with what I got.


For some reason I wanted to add the origins of my Roblox display name. Being a Roblox myths fan, the days union operatives all end with _Day and it starts with something involving their personality, I went with Stubborn_Day because that's the only unused trait I could think of. (I mean I could do some opposites of some existing operatives, etc Unpredictable = Predictable, Unstable =Stable, Radiant = Unpleasant, Great = Bad, etc)



Sorry for that : ' )

Edited by Unstable_Day

"i wanna go home.. I- i dont like this party... im allergic to people!"


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I am a doll, so my name is Doll. I have some variations that I use on most other sites, since it's rare to have just the word "doll" free for a screen name. My pfp is my fictotype. I have a small collection of icons of her that I use on the various alterhuman forums I'm on, and switch them out when I get bored of looking at them.

"Wholly wounded, I imitate, I take shape."


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