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Looking to Speak with Otherkin


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HI! I am a journalist in talks with a publication to write a piece on Otherkin.


I feel very drawn to telling this story and hope to move away from the sensationalistic representation of Otherkin frequently found in a lot of mass media.


I am still at the research stage and am enjoying the process of learning about Otherkin very much.


If anyone would be interested in speaking with me about their Otherkin experiences, I would appreciate it. Please DM me or post below, and I will follow up.


I won't necessarily quote you in my piece (and wouldn't do so without your permission anyway.)


My articles have appeared in Vice, Radii China, PRI's The World, Ozy, and the China Channel of the LA Review of Books.


Let me know if you have any questions.


All Best, EW


** I apologize if this isn't allowed. I looked at the rules of the board and found nothing about requests for interviews. If this isn't allowed, I apologize.

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