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How Do You Best Connect With Your Kintype?

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While I learn more about Otherkin as a whole, I am always catching new ways that people use to better connect with their kintype such as art, meditation, going on hikes, ect. It inspires me to try new ways to better connect to my own kintype as well. So, how do you better connect, or what are some neat ways you maybe have heard of that other people use to connect with their kintype? For me, art, nature sounds on Youtube, and certain foods really help me connect better, but I'm looking to start going on more hikes and getting outdoors more once our weather is bit better.

Light Fury\Shiny Tapu Koko || She/ Her || Newly Awakened || Shy and Anxious Mess


(A light fury not THE Light Fury from the HTTYD 3 movie!)

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As Laura:

  • daily showers
  • trips to pools, beaches, and local freshwater springs
  • weekly self manicures
  • eating any kind of seafood (bonus if it's sushi or softshell crab)
  • watching my source
  • listening to water sounds or certain songs

As a doll:

  • getting dressed up (super bonus if someone else picks out the 'fit)
  • having my hair brushed and styled
  • comforting others
  • observing others (silently...creepily...for long periods of time)
  • spending quiet time with other dolls and plush toys
  • diminishing my senses for a while (ex. wearing noise cancelling ear plugs to hear less, putting on gloves to dull textures on my fingertips, etc.)

"Wholly wounded, I imitate, I take shape."


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For me, hiking is a big way that I do that. Being out in the woods, especially if I'm alone or if it's just me and my cat, is a really great way for me to get a bit closer to my wolf side. I live in a big city, and while I love it, it can be overwhelming or suffocating. Too many people in too little space. So getting out into nature, away from all of that, is a huge help. Of course, where I live, it's freezing half the year, so I don't always have a chance to get out and go hiking. That's especially true of hiking with my cat, as she's tiny and has short, thin fur and would become hypothermic far more easily than I'm comfortable risking. Honestly, having her along is helpful for getting out of the headspace of my human side. She loves being outside and exploring, but in a very different way than a human. And while a house cat is a far cry from a wolf, that purely animal perspective and the sorts of things that she notices verses what I as my human side notice, that's very helpful in kind of setting aside the human mindset I have to adopt most of the time.


Wolf Therian | Gryphonkin | Kitsunekin | Crowkith | Ravenkith | Red-Tailed Hawk-kith

They/Them :nerd: Xe/Xir

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The most powerful way of which to remember oneself is to do those things that call to the spirit of oneself. There is a special, true, seldom seen sincerity to the heart, the likes of which individuals - mundane or "other" - are liable to forget.


There is the world of the dream, the dream which we all exist in, the illusory, artificial, false world made up of comforts and lies, which distracts us with that which is not us; it is as much as the idea that we drink water from bottles to that we wile away hours at a television, or that we entertain issues of social strife or turn an eye to the state of decay and affairs that which is the concrete, man-made world. This is the mitote, the fog that blinds the mind and the spirit, which pollutes the emotions of the heart, which taints the body. We too know it by other names, but the essence of it is that we are all dreaming - that all of this is the falsehood and façade which keeps us away from ourselves.


The real world, of which is imaginative, spiritual, conscious, wise, tranquil - the kind we were told was unimportant, the kind we were told is secondary to hyperactive materialist rationalism - is the intuitive world. We know ourselves in it because we can, without explanation feel and act upon things that we cannot explain. And where we can and do explain them, we manage to put both knowing and understanding together.


This is to mean we must do things which are true, the truest of the true, to ourselves; to honor our heart, to be sacred in our word, to live by a good spirit.


Thus when one is called to be among the forest, a forest the likes of which resembles one's place of which they belong - go and do not look back. If one is a carnivore, eat but only the meat which calls to hunger, ignore all the sugar stocked nonsense. If one is prone to swim, visit the depths of water wherever it can be found.


But go and go, escape from the fake human world we call "civilization" and learn to harness and liberate the inner world, the real one by living true to these things. Life is to be a learned place, so learn what feels most right and primitive, most simple in it, and follow that path.


For myself, I have spent a great many hours under the sun, toiling, doing menial to great works all just so I might spend another few minutes with the blood of my blood; the legacy of all the cats, past and present. It is demanding, to say the least, to serve exotic and dangerous things this way - it takes from me many comforts - but my spirit could not be taken higher to be in continuous communion with a reflection of myself.


Meditate on this, and one will see why the world we live in is truly insane, and why the only way out of the insanity is to go the other way.

Smilodon Populator

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For my gazelle theriotype I really enjoy spending time outdoors, and foraging. I find it very comforting to be able to find something edible outside and enjoy it there and then (with a rinse from my water bottle lol), it feels beautifully animalistic. I don't hold myself back if I'm taking a walk and suddenly feel the need to sprint and leap! It looks strange to onlookers but it's truly a great joy to sprint through a field. It connects me both to my theriotype and my humanity, my love of my own body and using it to follow silly little instincts like that which arise. Visiting my heart-home also tends to invoke a shift - around lake Issyk-kul in Kyrgyzstan, where my subspecies dwelled. It's a beautiful place and I'm fortunate to have had chances to visit since I was young.


My fictotypes are a whole other story, connecting to them feels different in a lot of ways since a lot of them are of a very human mind! For my current shift, Frodo Baggins, there's quite a few things that help me feel connected, and a lot of them can also be related to the basic human experience: things such as crafting things with my hands, going on long walks, going barefoot, and cooking things from scratch. Writing letters is also something I'm very fond of in this shift, however I don't have many people to write to so I journal instead (or spill my thoughts in forums and other communities such as this one!).


In general I always find it easier to bring on shifts and feel connected to kintypes that I can share my current humanity with. It's hard to connect to the parts of my kintypes that are very different from my human self, because I do still feel very human and like I want to connect with my humanity also. It's all about the balance!

Rufus * Therian + Fictionkind Polykin * He/Him

Sit by the firelights's glow, tell us an old tale we know...

Current shift/s: Frodo Baggins

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Honestly I'm trying to figure out how to *distance* myself from it sometimes, as its astral presence has caused me so much chaos more than it has ever helped me.

"Before we start testing today, let's have our mandatory minute of silence in honor of Earth's governing body, the Sentient Cloud. [throat clear] Starting now. [a pause] [coughing] Good, right. All hail the sentient cloud. Begin testing."


Cave Johnson

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(Kinda stealing Dolls idea but both if my times come from Piggy I'll just put anything-)


-I like holding my knife while at dinner or something. Just feels nice.


-Play Piggy duh? I play Piggy a lot with my s/o and friends, whether it be Book 2, Book 1, or my build mode, it's still home.


-Listen to Piggy soundtracks, normally Bslicks but also the Book 1 ones. Most of my favorites are Sneaky Spider, Scorching Storms, Scary Shanty, Coming To Terms, Trapped With A Traitor, The Wretched Wolf, Uneasy Urgency, Tape C %All%, Twisted Twins, Desolation, Is This The End, Book 2 main menu, It's all in the past, and Dude Man (an unofficial Tio song).


-Wearing red hoodies and etc similar to the clothes I wore is very nice. Like, I have this red hoodie (completely red), I wear a lot.


-Playing Piggy intercity does remind me of being home and what it was like in the infection, which I do miss..


(Fun random fact but my favorite words have become iniquitous and insolence because of TIO 🕺)


-Animating, drawing, daydreaming, and shifting. Ez


Andddd moreee

"i wanna go home.. I- i dont like this party... im allergic to people!"


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I very much enjoy having long stiletto acrylics. My makeup also usually contains a lot of neutral colors, deep reds and golds. Black eyeliner and high arching eyebrows is always an amazing feeling. I'm also a very touch-based person so I enjoy touching dragon statues and stuffed animals. When I'm alone, I'll let myself growl and chortle. Just like many people, I draw dragons frequently as well or depict myself as a dragon person. I even have a dragon person sim that I made using custom content, and I built her a castle. I include dragon themes in my divination and occult practices too.


Acting on the personality influences is fairly easy and unnoticable so I allow myself to be my dragon self in most cases.

Red Western Dragon Kin. Psych Kin. Consumer of Publix sweet tea. 🐲🐲🔥🔥🍵

20yr. Call me Dre/Dreanna. She/her mostly but He/Him is okay.

queer fem woman, also man.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I like holding the cardboard spear I made and throw it at stuff.


Playing Undertale and listening to the soundtrack (mostly my own themes), duh.


Wearing the headband I made with red and blue fish fins on the sides.


Screaming and growling.


Closing my left eye.

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Adding my other two types.


As a house cat (a lot of these are just natural behaviors, but they always remind me of myself):

  • full body stretches and contortions
  • kneading/"biscuit making" (hard to do to my partner without hurting him with my nails, so I often settle for soft bedding)
  • mrrp when surprised
  • looking out the window and watching nature, especially if there are also small critters running around
  • sniff sniff sniff sniff at everything
  • being surrounded by my own scent - not BO from sweating, but like the natural scent my body has, I can always smell it on my own blankets and in my own hair and it is comforting (I use fragrance free soaps and detergents on everything, so my stuff always smells like just me unless I spritz some body spray on myself)
  • naps, especially in front of the window in the afternoon sun

As a nixie:

  • watching swamp documentaries
  • having a lot of green and black in my wardrobe
  • touching and looking at river rocks (I have a small collection that I will regularly bathe in water just to see how beautifully they change, both in look and feel)
  • looking at eels and crocodiles
  • watching videos of the small prey animals that live among mangroves
  • really anything to do with mangroves
  • eating softshell crab, escargot, and those cans of tiny smoked fishes

"Wholly wounded, I imitate, I take shape."


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Stuff I know helps and actively do:

  • Drawing myself or looking at art of myself that I've done or had commissioned. I put art of myself as my computer, phone, and tablet wallpapers so I see it all the time, and I keep all my art saved on my phone and tablet to look at whenever I am feeling like it.
  • Eating meat and spicy food when I am feeling particularly draconic; eating fresh vegetables and fruits when I am feeling particularly elven.
  • Meditating and astral projection. Getting to see myself in my 'true' forms in my mind's eye and energetically brings me joy and puts me at peace.
  • Interacting with my dragon spirit companion. This one works for both my draconic and elven selves because I view my elven self as a dragon rider.
  • Consuming media where dragons and elves are shown in a favorable light.
  • Writing. All writing, really, but when I write stories with dragons and/or elves I feel closer, naturally.
  • Journaling. Spilling my feelings on the page is always cathartic.
  • Wearing my elven ear jewelry.
  • Playing games with dragons or elves as playable races or where they are prominently featured.
  • Talking to other otherkin. This one is mostly to feel not as alone than to feel more like my kintypes, but I think it should be on this list.

Stuff I think would help, but haven't gotten a chance to try:

  • Wearing a fursuit and attending events. This would only work for my dragon self but I think it would be very satisfying and fun. I think looking at the pictures of myself would achieve a similar affect as looking at my art.
  • Cosplay as my elven self, but this one will take more work to accomplish than the fursuit, for several reasons.

black dragon 🐲elf 🧝‍♂️werewolf 🐺

c'linker 🔗otherhearted 💕

they/them or xe/xem

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For me being out late at night help me connect. Being able to see the stars reminds me of where my home is and it helps me feel stronger. Also when I dress in clothes that make me feel confidant, or if I have a shift in public, it helps me feel stronger. Sometimes to boost my confidence I purposely let my tail shift so I can feel it. If I could grow my nails out that would help alot too. Something that also helps me alot is my witchcraft. the deities I work with remind me of my strength. They help me feel at home in my host body and they treat me like an equal.


They/Them, It/Its, This one/That one

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pup enjoys wearing collars, playing with stuffies, going on walks, and other things many domestic pets do. pup also draws art of pupself! and some time running around the meadows outside our castle in the innerspace helps too. also, oddly enough, as pups doing right now, speaking in third person is incredibly comforting, especially when pup is in a pet-shifted littlespace -🌟
Skips the petkin polymorph!! kit/kits/kitself ☆ it/its ♡ flutter/flutters/flutterself ☆ mew/mews/mewself ♡ dew/dews/dewself ☆ syl/sylv/sylvs/sylvself ♡ fey/fem/feir ☆ pup/pups/pupself ♡ bun/buns/bunself ☆ fluff/fluffs/fluffself ♡ nip/nips/nipself
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A few things that help me connect with Storm (my wolf theriotype) are:


1. Spending time in nature (especially forests) & Camping.

2. Eating similar meat-based diets on occasion & eating the way my theriotype would.

3. Watching documentaries on my theriotype.

4. Sitting with myself and observing my thoughts and emotions, letting my imagination run wild & meditating (although I struggle to meditate.)

5. Collecting and buying things that remind me or relate to my theriotype (e.g. necklaces, clothing, charms etc.)

6. Playing wolf simulator games like Wolf Quest.

7. Sitting by the window (more commonly during the night, especially on a full moon) observing the night whilst sitting in deep thought.

8. Letting out a howl every now and then (though I rarely get to let out a bellowing howl because of my environment.)


These are a few things that help. One I didn’t mention was spending time with like-minded people aka Therians and Otherkins. I’ve never gotten the chance to meet other Therians but I have a strong hunch hanging around fellow members of the community would help me connect with my wolf side better.


Theres probably more missing from this list but I just can’t think of them right now 😹

Storm Talis | Canis Lupus | Australia | She/Her


“There’s A Pack Of Wolves Living In Her Soul.”

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  • 5 weeks later...

I wanna try and make piggy models some time. I really want to, heck, just looking at the models make me feel phantom-shifty and all happy, it would be great to do that!


Though I cant right now since roblox studio isn't available on any of my devices. : ' D

"i wanna go home.. I- i dont like this party... im allergic to people!"


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Drawing myself and shifting into my past non-human forms is by far the best way of reconnecting for me.

Sometimes I shift spontaneously while watching a movie or reading a book where some elements similar to my previous lifetime experiences pop up.

Waking up in a dream allows me to choose where I go. This is also the best opportunity to shift into my winged form, although sometimes it happens on it's own, when I'm not completely awake in my dream and just follow the events that occur.

Blood Fairy | forest/fairy-kin

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As for my red panda, I best connect with my kintype with a few things:

  • Drinking Tea - Ginseng and Oolong seems to allow phantom shifts mostly
  • Long Meditation (for over 5 mins at least) - This especially helps when you're outside in nature, or even at home when most is silent
  • Working out (Endurance, Strength, Cardio, etc)
  • Talking amongst other people who understand (otherkin, therians, supporters)
  • Also drawing myself.
    But from all of these, both tea and working out helps me the most.


L | 18 | Non-Binary (She/They) | Otherkin | Red Panda, Demon Kin🎍


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I connect more with my tiger theriotype by:


- Eating food that I can tear and pull at with my teeth to eat, it makes me think of pulling meat off a kill

- Swimming and working out

- Sleeping and napping a lot, especially in the sun and especially especially when I get home after exercising

- Sitting quietly and really focusing on the feeling of my phantom shifts

- Hanging out in the garden at nighttime

- Drawing myself


It’s a bit harder for my fictotype, but listening to my playlist of songs that remind me of my life and listening to the official soundtracks helps me.

vergilius | they/it

siberian tiger therianthrope & fictionkind


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Writing, art, and daydreaming (which I see as re-experiencing her memories)! At least for Sibra, my anthro husky kintype. I connect with my dragons with writing on occasion, but they're both a pain to deal with and tend to keep them suppressed >.>

::A Trio of kin:: Sibra (Female Anthro Husky), Zitha (Intersex Blue Dragoness), and Xaothi (Intersex Red Dragoness)


28, She/her, DMs open, Telegram open (@SibraHusky)

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