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Coming out!


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Hi, I'm so proud of you for coming out! I remember when I came out to my family how difficult and emotional it can be. I don't have any advice to coming out to traditional family since it often doesn't matter how you word it. Know that their opinions don't matter, and that you are so strong. You'll be okay!!
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Only advice I can give is to explain the theory behind it rather than using terminology we use. Instead of saying "I'm an Otherkin", say "I identify as x". When you throw around words hardly anyone has ever heard of before, often folkel will lose interest, become confused, or think you're making stuff up. Speak from your true authentic experiences rather than what an alterhuman wiki might say.

Not sure if that's even good advice or not but good luck! And as dylan said, you don't have to come out if you're not comfortable!

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