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Dealing with Loneliness

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I've been feeling so alone lately, and it doesn't matter who I talk to or what I do. I'm on medication to help with my depression, but I still feel absolutely helpless. I've slept through god knows how many days, and I'm tired of wasting away my life, but I don't have anyone to be with or anything to do. Even if I do find something or someone, the enjoyment is extremely temporary, and I'm right back to being completely lost. Any suggestions on what to do? I know this is such a dumb thing to ask, especially with how many worse things could be going wrong, but please help me.
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Trust the process. I know you're probably tired of hearing it.


Now, I will say one thing about the medication. In my case, it got worse before it got better. I didn't feel a change from the medicine the first few weeks, then I got extremely dead-feeling and depressed (uncharacteristically so), then I leveled back out, and now while I can still feel depressed, I do not have persistent hopeless thoughts or negative self-image, or s**cidal ideation.


I would suggest finding free group therapy or vent groups. S**cide hotlines are great too, and you also don't have to worry about them calling the police on you. They're meant to talk you down so you don't get to the point of needing it. My time in the hospital was only good for getting me on medication and being around other people with similar problems and more experience with them. I do not respond well to traditional therapy.


Journaling and vent artwork has also been a way for me to cope if nobody is available, but that's already preached enough.

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Medication can't help everything. I will say from experience that you might want to talk to your doctor about changing your medication (if you just started on it, don't do that, meds take a while to kick in.) If you've been on your medication for years, you may have built up a tolerance to it. Other medications can also counter the effects of antidepressants, so I'd talk to your doctor about that as well.


But I'm going through the same thing. Mental shifting has actually helped a lot.

If you want you can start a conversation with me and contact me whenever you need to take your mind off of things. A distraction is good, even if it's only temporary. I could really use a friend as well.

Within isolation comes self-discovery.


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The single suggestion of consulting and notifying one's prescribing psychiatrist is, without doubt, the single most important act of which to undertake. Any one of us could provide no better advice than this, because when dealing with brain chemistry, particularly that which is affected by medicinal substances for the purposes of treating an illness, it is paramount one is open and honest, direct, with the provider. This is the singularly core thing one can take away from anything said here if nothing else, because all other matters are purely advice of a perspective, not prescriptive, nature.


This is not to say the following advice or that of others is inadequate - on the contrary - but if one is ever experiencing these kinds of feelings while being treated and there seems to be no metric of positive effect or assistance through it by medication yet, immediately do inform them. For some, it really does come down to simply having been prescribed the wrong medication or dosage. That said, absolutely do not vary from any instructions they have provided; this is no encouragement to say, cease medicating or to under-medicate or over-medicate.


This aside, speaking with them as a therapist about these issues is the other half of the battle and explaining what was said here to them at length will be an aid. With all of this aside, however, allow me to afford some word of advice although when I convey this, be keenly aware of that which I mean. If it is uncertain, make no assumptions, and for what is true, make no excuses.


All of this of which one is suffering is, first and foremost, temporary. There is little doubt in my mind that by just the way one describes it that the experience feels like an eternity, that it feels like it is the wasting away of one's time, one's life. This is indeed true and one knows that, which is good - take pride in not giving into the sense of isolation by allowing a sense of meaninglessness to follow. Instead, act on what I only know as the "warrior ethos" - I am certain it has some other name and surely it does, but the way it was taught to me was to keep fighting day by day for something with meaning. To not surrender, even if one meets failure after failure; to keep picking oneself up and not resigning to just another failing. It is mental resiliency in truest and this is where I suggest looking to all the things one values. What is worth pursuing in life?


One may wonder how this fits into being isolated and senses of loneliness, but what more a community and relationship one could have not just with another but potentially many, in a manner one loves? Of which I mean truly loves.


To keep matters succinct, dwell on that thing and pursue it. Chase it wildly and hunt it down, use its mere existence to serve as motivation to help overcome this bout of depression. Claw and climb up over every obstacle, out of every trench, and chase after it. Go with others who share one's love and desire for this thing and take fellowship in that - rest assured, I know one is not alone in this. It matters not how silly or trivial it seems, pursue what one adores in this life and loves, and keep fighting after it. I have no doubt that if I could do this thing, oneself can too.

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