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Does anyone have any advice???

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Try explaining it here first, in whatever way you can. It will provide the proper context so that others can help you reword and tweak your statement.

"Wholly wounded, I imitate, I take shape."


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I'm somewhat of a zombie myself. It's been assumed a few times that people talking about "killing" the infected is a trigger to me but it's not. So I can kind of understand you.



If your talking about like, telling your family about being otherkin, alterhuman, or etc, take things very slow and don't say things like "trust me, its not bad." That won't work out. Try and explain the most stuff the best you can, trust me, they'll forget some stuff once in awhile, but it'll be fine.

"they call him hermit the frog, hes looking for a dog. did you find your b!tch in me? your an abomination socially.."




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