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what's your favorite type of shift ?

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I would have to say the same. Phantom shifts are both comforting in an odd way and less difficult to manage than mental shifts. Those are the ones I tend to get, are those two types. M-shifts can make things difficult if I'm in a situation where I need my human brain to be working on its full human setting. I don't really experience those voluntarily, either. At least, not without working at it. I know how to induce them, but that's not something I could even do in any setting where I need to be functioning as close to human as possible, as inducing one involves me having to do something my kintype would normally do. Best way for my wolves is to be outside and just run around and act like a wolf, basically. My gryphon, I still don't know how to get myself to m-shift as that kintype. Ph-shifts, though, while they can be distracting and kinda tug at my attention, and while if I've slid far enough to go into a full ph-shift I'm probably thinking a little less humanly anyway, I can generally still focus and get things done. I say a full shift because I'm nearly always partially shifted. I'm about to the point where I'm considering whether or not "suntherian" might be an applicable term in my case. So it's really only full ph-shifts that I would really consider shifts, but i find my phantom limbs comforting.


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Mine are probably auric shifts. Less talked about in the community nowadays, but as a polymorph, I love the feeling of being fully overtaken by one identity and shift where I can just run free and explore.

Could you explain how do auric shifts work? I've looked for some information but I don't fully understand it.

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According to the Therian Wiki, they are defined as "when the shape or form of an auric field or life energy field changes to that of the theriotype. This is a spiritual related shift in that it requires the belief in auras which are considered paranormal." I like to put it as when you have a mental shift your mind shifts into your kintype, when you have a phantom shift your perception of your limbs shift into your kintype, when you have an auric shift your aura shifts into that of your kintype. It's definitely one of those "you have to experience it to get it," but it's sort of when your mind (mental shifts), "body" (phantom shifts, not p-shifts), and spirit (aura shifts) come into oneness. You are on all levels (except physical) your kintype.


The term is also used sometimes hand in hand with astral shifts, or when your spiritual form shifts while you are astral projecting, with your aura matching your astral form.

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