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Anyone have any fishing tips?


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It's really not that complicated tbh. I would start by finding out what kind of fish you would want to catch, and if they live anywhere close to you. With that information you will have to get your gear; fishing rod, lure, net, multi-tool, etc. And you will also have to get a license if that is needed where you live. I would honestly recommend just going to a fishing store if there is one close and speak to someone there. Usually fishers are happy to help newcomers get into the hobby! There is of course also a lot of advice you kind find with a google search.
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Figure out what sort of rod works best for you, too. But that should be something that somebody at a fishing store should be able to help you with. Also see where you can and cannot go fishing in your area. If there's not any specific type of fish you're after, find out what the different types common to your area are. (I'd advise doing that anyway.) Also find out which ones you can keep and which you have to throw back. Often times there are size requirements or there might be restrictions that depend on the season and certain species you may not be allowed to keep at all. But while that sounds like a lot, all of that info should all be pretty readily available. I know in Ohio, when you register a fishing license, they're supposed to give you a pamphlet that has info on the different fish and all of those requirements for catch and keep vs catch and release. And lastly, if you're planning to eat your catch but aren't planning to cook it right then and there, don't forget a cooler...
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Usually local fishermen are happy to share tips. Listen to them

I would suggest learning how to tie hooks and sinkers and the like onto your line and get really good at it. The internet is really your best friend there.

Also, a long fishing pole goes a long way. Learning to cast sucks, and a longer pole will let you cast deeper. Please be aware of any plants that are nearby, I've had my fair share of tangles, and 9 times out of ten there's no way you're getting that line back.

When it comes to catching fish, don't reel in the moment you get a strike. Give it a tug to verify that you do, in fact, have a fish, and then strike for all you're worth. A hasty strike is a good way to seriously hurt the fish. I try to catch them as cleanly as possible in case they're too small or illegal to catch.

Active fishing isn't really worth it, at least in my experience. Trout aren't really chase predators.

Buy a multitool. One with a big knife and a pair of scissors. It really comes in handy when gutting the fish.

Different methods work in different bodies of water. In Oregon, powerbait is a sort of jack-of-all-trades, spinners and other active fishing lures only work in small ponds, and worms work in large, deep lakes. Keep track of what works and where, it can really help.

Speaking of powerbait, less is more. Larger pieces allow the fish to take the bait without getting hooked.

Know your local rules and regulations.

And last of all, there will be days where you don't catch anything. Don't get discouraged. Try a different body of water or a different type of bait. You will be successful eventually.

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