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If your kintype(s) was a music genre, what would it be?

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I can't really say for a caracal. People think that Sunny's music genre would be metal or rock for some reason, but I wholeheartedly disagree. Sad violin music, people. Sad violin music.

Within isolation comes self-discovery.


~Caracal therian (C. caracal caracal) | Sunny fictionkin (Omori) | Razorwhip fictherian (Dragons: Race To The Edge)~

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Based on my own experiences and not canon:


• John = Madchester, permanent wave, "dad music"-type rock.


• Cater = city pop (Plastic Love - Mariya Takeuchi), maybe alternative hip-hop (I'm thinking MF DOOM)...


• Ruggie = rapcore (Beastie Boys) and punk.


• Thoma = any easy listening, really.


• Elysia = bubblegum pop.


Not too sure for Kiana.

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Folk rock for my tiger theriotype, especially music by the band Melnitsa. I associate my fictotype with symphonic / power metal mainly, maybe a little bit of industrial and gothic rock too.

vergilius | they/it

siberian tiger therianthrope & fictionkind


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Not really a type of music, but more of how the music is organized and experienced. I have a very long, mismatched playlist of different songs I like that I usually listen to on shuffle, so the mood and sound can change drastically from song to song. I think that's how I see myself as a polykin. It's all related to me, but nothing is unified in a single type of style or sound.

"Wholly wounded, I imitate, I take shape."


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