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Does anyone else do anything like this?

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I’ve tried to poke or trip people over with my phantom tail(s) before, obviously not expecting anything to happen but it is pretty funny to do. My fictotype can already summon and ‘shoot’ swords at people, I haven’t done that myself or felt a phantom version yet but I’ll probably be thinking about the possibility more now

vergilius | they/it

siberian tiger therianthrope & fictionkind


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I used to draw imaginary bows at people when I was in elementary school.


These days I'm more likely to imagine myself as a gigantic hawk that uses beak and talons to rip into cars that intentionally lack mufflers or have loud stereos.

Red Tailed Hawk Therian / Polymorph / Spirit Being / Anthro Hawk / Deitykin


Shard of Heru AKA Horus


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I do the same thing. I'll often whack people with my wings if they annoy me. Doesn't do anything, but it makes me feel a bit better, so good enough.
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Wolf Therian | Gryphonkin | Kitsunekin | Crowkith | Ravenkith | Red-Tailed Hawk-kith

They/Them :nerd: Xe/Xir

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I whack people with my ears and tail a lot. Not necessarily at people I'm mad at, I mostly do it to my Kel rep as a friendly thing. I wonder if caracals do that in the wild :unsure:
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Within isolation comes self-discovery.


~Caracal therian (C. caracal caracal) | Sunny fictionkin (Omori) | Razorwhip fictherian (Dragons: Race To The Edge)~

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I have smacked many people over the head with my wings.

I have also used phantom weapons.

(Basically anything but a gun.)


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Median/Dreamway system

Donnie&Leo (Fictive) Kirby (faekin//polymorph//clown) Dib (fictive) Raemus (werewolf) Gabriel (angel)

Polyamorous // Aro Ace // System // Immersive Daydreamer // Roleplayer // Dm's open

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I have smacked myself in the face with phantom wings and ears. Btw, I don't know yet, but I may be angelkin idk.

Radiant_Day Fictionkin, Yakko Fictionkin, canine hearted, feline hearted, Red Panda Therian, Clink of Po,:atal Error Sans, P!Tord, Michaelangelo from ROTTMNT


Pansexual, genderfluid, demisexual

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I can't count the number of times I've tripped over myself or tried to trip someone else with phantom limbs, it's a humbling reminder to chill out when dealing with annoying people! Beyond that, I will often gesture with my tail or try to grab something with it; I get confused for a moment when nothing happens. It makes conversations truly awkward sometimes.

But even the most dreadful night is followed by the dawn

De/It/She/They ---- Alu-Fiend, Marionette, Fox hearted

DM's open

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