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Undertale au sketch: Sans

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I got the idea to try and make a full on undertale au from [uSER=58140]@CaraKin[/uSER] , as they showed my their undertale au. So I'm trying to make my own that I would like to use. I came up with these few sketches in my notebook, I'm cannot draw skeletons very well lol. I combined some of the things I like: animal skulls: crystals, and psychology. They always wear the animal skulls, as the crystals on it depicts their psychological state. Red is happy, grey is neutral, and black is they are depressed. The color of the crystals change if their psychological state changes. Does anyone have a name for the au or and tips?

Radiant_Day Fictionkin, Yakko Fictionkin, canine hearted, feline hearted, Red Panda Therian, Clink of Po,:atal Error Sans, P!Tord, Michaelangelo from ROTTMNT


Pansexual, genderfluid, demisexual

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