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How would you play like in your favorite video game

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I'm going to use mortal Kombat x as an example.

My 3 variations would be: copycat, violent, and corrupted.

- Copycat would work similarly to shang tsung in that I'd steal the opponents moves with a few extra tricks in my move list

- Violent would have a more passive bonus. the more damage you do without getting hit the more damage your moves will do however you move slower. It resets upon taking damage

- corrupted would take moves inspired by my time as cartoon cat and would involve longer reaching moves and a few small moves that create a bonus effect

Julius the cat , the eldest Disney toon
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In Pokémon, I would have a team mostly made up of water and dark types. In the latest game coming out, I'd start with either Quaxly or Spirigatio. I'd try to collect and eventually use every type of Pokémon, but I'd prefer to use water and dark types (those are my favorite types).

Radiant_Day Fictionkin, Yakko Fictionkin, canine hearted, feline hearted, Red Panda Therian, Clink of Po,:atal Error Sans, P!Tord, Michaelangelo from ROTTMNT


Pansexual, genderfluid, demisexual

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