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Off-Topic Conversation in Threads

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Hi everyone,


Lately we’ve been seeing an uptick in off-topic conversations going on in various threads. This type of topic-hopping is more acceptable in places like Discord, but on the forums themselves it derails conversation and is frustrating for both people making threads for certain discussion topics, as well as people who want to hold a conversation about said topics. If you would prefer a more free form place for conversation, I recommend our Discord or on-site chat.


Going forward, we’re going to be cracking down on off-topic discussion a bit more. Any off-topic posts will be deleted and verbal warnings, followed by official warnings, will be given out. For especially egregious cases, official warnings may be done in place of verbal warnings. If this does not curb it, then thread bans will be put in place.


We would like to nip this in the bud as quickly as we can, and appreciate your help and understanding as we work to make this a more functional and enjoyable community!


Thank you!


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- panthera onca -

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