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Changes on selected genders.

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I am fluidflux, meaning this that I am both genderfluid and genderflux, and I am also trans ftm. I think that it would be interesting if we were able to select more than one gender, since folks can be trans ftm/mtf/whatever without it being aligned to their gender. Transitioning does not define one's gender.

Another suggestion would be implementing the terms ftx and mtx (female to more androgynous look, male to more androgynous).

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I'd love this as im genderhoard (Self explanatory)

Also FtM

Median/Dreamway system

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I'm not sure how workable a suggestion it is (again, there is a reason I do not do computery things and instead study humans and variations thereupon), but I think this would be a neat idea. I know a lot of us in the enby community especially use more than one label to identify ourselves. I list my gender as "genderfluid" on my profile. And that's fine. I'm good with that. If that's what's doable, no skin off my nose. However, I do also typically use at least one other term alongside genderfluid. I always list myself as genderqueer when the option is present and will use that label even before I label myself genderfluid, despite genderfluid being more technically correct. I do that for two reasons. First off, genderqueer was the first term I adopted to describe myself as an enby, so it's important to me for that reason. Additionally, most days I don't sit close enough to  either end of the binary spectrum to label myself as even "demiboy" or "demigirl." I'm just sort of right in the middle, or maybe a  hair masculine of center, though still not enough for the term "demiboy" to be applicable. I will also use the terms "nonbinary" or "enby" interchangeably (since "enby" comes from the phonetic pronunciation of "nb," the common abbreviation for "nonbinary"), though it took me a while to adopt that one for some reason. I'm more likely to label myself "nonbinary trans," likely because of when I came out and what the LGBT (we hadn't picked up the Q yet) community was like at the time.


All of that's mostly just to say that gender is complicated and, especially for us enbys, sometimes a single label doesn't cover the whole story. However, as I said, I do not do the computery things, I suck at technology. So I'm not sure what sort of limitations there are or how difficult this sort of change might be. One option we  do have is to list the multiple labels we identify with in our "about me" sections, so that's a way around this that already exists. Adding a "see bio" or "see about me" option would also work to direct anyone reading another folken's about page to where their multiple labels were listed, and that may be less difficult. But if it's realistically feasible, it would be nice to be able to select more than one label under gender identity just as we do with 'kin identity and sexuality.


TL;DR (I'm too wordy...) Gender is complicated, and that seems to be especially true for us enby folks. So sometimes we use multiple labels as a solution. As such, if it's realistically doable, it would be nice to be able to select multiple labels for gender identity as we can with 'kin identity and sexuality - or to have an option directing folkel to our "about me" section where we can list all of our gender labels.

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Custom labels are now a thing. This implements your suggestion.


See: Pronouns, gender identity, and sexuality (oh my!)

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