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Have you ever run into a YouTuber that impersonates your kintype for content?


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I've seen quite a few of these channels, and they're quite enjoyable when they play their character accurately. But I stumbled across this stream archive where someone is "being" Sunny, and... it's cool and all, but deeply unsettling. Like... I'm Sunny. Why are you Sunny? Does not compute. And the kicker - the streamer sounds how I imagine my voice to sound, and they use a 3d model of Sunny's body in place of a webcam. So, being the lizard-brain (cat-brain?) that I am, I started to panic a little.

I'm determined to watch all five hours of this stream, even if it makes me uncomfortable. I'm curious, and to be frank I'm jealous of that model. It's so well-done, why can't I use that when I'm on a Zoom call?? That would be such a better alternative to showing my actual face!

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Within isolation comes self-discovery.


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I feel it would be quite different, as my kintype isn't a specific individual but an entity of a species. For yourself, I imagine the experience to be bewildering!


If I did see someone impersonating a croc though, I'd probably roll my eyes because hardly anyone gets croc demeanour right.

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the amount of Foxy cosplayers and Piggy cosplayers in general on YT and pinterest too are making me very weirded out with this whole game counterpart and misrepresentation thing

"they call him hermit the frog, hes looking for a dog. did you find your b!tch in me? your an abomination socially.."




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I have not, but I'm also barely ever on youtube. However, I would not be at all surprised to see someone imitate a wolf or a kitsune. (Gryphon, I'd be a little more surprised by. Especially as my species was very different from how we're portrayed in human lore.) What I  would be surprised by is if they actually imitated wolf behavior correctly. Kitsune are a broad spectrum, and I'd be very surprised to see someone pick out a kiko kitsune specifically and then get it right. I think for the most part people think of either nogitsune or tenko kitsune when they think of kitsune. Or something out of an anime. Not really kiko kitsune.


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