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I need vacation suggestions


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Yellowstone is closed due to flooding but we still want to go somewhere because my mom feels really bad that I can't get the one thing I asked for for my birthday. Are there any good wild places that you know of in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, or Montana? Please keep in mind that I have cold urticaria and can't go hiking in temperatures below 50 degrees.

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Georgia is a beautiful and fantastic place! The food is good as well!

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Guest Deleted58495

Pigeon Forge is nice if you ever visit TN. Close to Gatlinburg and Gatlinburg has a ski resort if you're ever there in the winter. The mountains having fog that looks like smoke is beautiful in the morning and at dusk.


I'll be overlanding with my boo when he immigrates to the States from the UK. So I'll update the forums on hot spots across the US for when we do insane trips. We're already planning an insane trip to Morocco that'll be right before he moves here, with a few of our friends. Spending a few days in Spain, and stretching the entire trip over 2 weeks.


It'll be good to get out into nature for said trip.


If your family has an SUV and some camping gear, try overlanding for the vacation. All you need is to find public land and pay for whatever food and drinks you bring as well as gas or diesel and your home is where you park up.

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I might just be a Twi-Hard but La Push in Washington State is absolutely gorgeous! And ofc if you're willing to go a little bit further the Red Woods are amazing as well!


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