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Favorite Band Shirts?

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Guest Deleted58495

Post your favorite band shirt you own. Simple as. Give a story behind why if you have a story to share.


I'll start us off.


This I got back in March when I was in early days of physical therapy and I needed the strength to endure relearning to walk after a trimalleolar fracture, in an air boot and later in shoes with an ankle brace and then without the brace.


Forever Stronger Than All isn't me being arrogant when I wear it, it's me rolling my ankle, breaking all 3 bones, getting muscle atrophy in my right leg, downing a painkiller every 6 hours, going through surgery, dealing with the inconvenience that is crutches, relearning how to walk, how to go up and down stairs, how to put on a sock without pain going through my ankle and enduring 3 days a week PT for a few months straight of aggressively healing my ankle to be able to do 45lb farmer's carry and 50lb deadlifts to get back into weight training at the gym.


This isn't a matter of oh I can lift or oh I'm the baddest b**** on the block, it's purely motivation to go through hell and come back stronger than I was.[ATTACH type=full]6658[/ATTACH]

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