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Restrictions on Meetups with Minors, Rule Reminded

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We’ve had a rule for a long time now that we realized hadn’t been properly conveyed and made easy to find, which is that minors are not allowed to use Kinmunity to meet up with others in person. We have a Howls board for that type of thing, but it is restricted to 18+ only for a reason.


We are posting this as a reminder that if you are a minor trying to meet anyone offline via Kinmunity, any content you post revealing your information will be removed, and you will receive a warning (verbal, but if necessary, official). Additionally, if you are an adult attempting to meet with a minor knowingly, your account will be suspended and you will be reported to law enforcement.


Play it safe and only arrange meetups through the Howls board!! That way you know anyone you agree to meet is not a minor.


Thank you!

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- panthera onca -

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