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The plurality symbol is used for fictionkin in the store

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I was checking out the symbols in the store, and I noticed that fictionkin uses the treblesand, which was created as a symbol for systems. I'm assuming this was an unintentional mistake? But a pretty big one, I've been in the system community for a few years and genuinelly assumed people using that symbol were plural before I checked the store.


I checked and didn't see it in the emoji pack, but the most widely used fictionkin symbol I've seen is the one which won a popular vote in this poll. There's a couple other purposed ones but this is the longest lasting and most used one I've seen.




So because there wasn't one with the style of the emoji , I just threw one together in case you need an alternative to be used instead


[ATTACH type=full]7061[/ATTACH]


I used the colors of the otherkin emoji since looked at the emoji pack I'm pretty sure they're color-coded by community, since the treblesand and rings are the same color, but feel free to request a different color.

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Rolling around an empty town

No man alive in the zombie crowd

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This has been adjusted; you have also been awarded bones for your contribution; check your notifications.
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