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re-questioning kintypes and cameo shifts



as I started questioning maybe being some sort of dragon and maybe wolf, I realized that I might have been wrong about one of my types. I'm not sure if I actually am one of my theriotypes, and thinking about it is making me anxious. Is it widely looked down upon in the community to label yourself wrong by accident, since correcting that mistake can look like you're "changing" your type? we all know that's not possible though, and I'm afraid of being perceived so.


I also wanted to know if anyone else has felt/is feeling like this? I'd love some peer support.


one contributor to this re-questioning is also that I think that that type might have just been a cameo shift, but I'm sure it happened more than once. That brings me to my next question - Can cameo shifts occur more than once? This might be a stupid question, since a cameo shift is most commonly defined as a shift to a species which is not a known type but only happens once. I'm positive it has not happened more than twice, and I don't really "feel" like that species either.

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Cameos can happen more than once.


And it's far better to admit you were mistaken than to cram yourself into something that doesn't fit. As far as the community goes, first, your identity is more important than public opinion. Second, most people tend to be forgiving of what was just an honest mistake. There might be some grumblings if you constantly change your mind, but once again, your own feelings are more important than what others think when it comes to your own identity.

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