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Guest Deleted58749

Hi everyone! I'm new to the community and this site. I'm hoping to make some friends (I prefer to talk to people who are 18+ since I'm 18 myself). I'm a trans guy who's foxkin. My pronouns are he/they. Here's a list of stuff that I like to get to know me better:


-Saniro (hello kitty, my melody, kuromi, cinnamon roll)


-Videogames (Souls games, Horizon Zero Dawn, Stray, Assassin's Creed)


-Hatsune Miku








-Marvel comics, DC comics


My dms are open, and you can ask for my discord if you want!

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Welcome! Just so you know there's a proper introduction forum so if you can't find this thread it was probably moved to Scent Rolling.

Within isolation comes self-discovery.


~Caracal therian (C. caracal caracal) | Sunny fictionkin (Omori) | Razorwhip fictherian (Dragons: Race To The Edge)~

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Welcome to KM!


I'm Ness! I'm otherkin (Shapeshifter), fictionkin (Vanessa/Vanny from FNaF), animal-hearted (Domestic Cat), otherlinker (Dragon), and questioning conceptkin (Horror)!


I hope you enjoy your time here! :foxheart:

Please call me Ness, my partner is the only person allowed to call me Nessie.

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