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Is there a word for suntherian but with Otherkin and Fictionkin? What about contherian?



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This is the issue with not having a codified, standardized technical lexicon. That aside, I do not agree it would do well to use "contherian" or "suntherian" with regard to oneself unless one is actually "therian" purely for the sake of clarity here. Consequently my advice would be, if one is committed to using a label rather than description in itself, would be to use the supposed "sunkin" or "conkin" but with better specificity. Those labels are extremely imprecise and could be readily misunderstood - I know just from having read "sunkin" I had to read it again and review who it supposedly would be in reference to in oneself to not think it was referring to a kinship with the actual sun, as in the star, itself. As a result, it would probably be best to put the tiny amount more effort in to using "sunotherkin" or "conotherkin" because it would reduce the ambiguity of the terms as the likelihood anything is shared with them is relatively low.

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