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What is Astral Shifting and Aura Shifting?



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The "astral", at times distinguished from the "etheric" due to some attempts to distinguish features in them, is essentially a form of psychic and or spiritual iteration of what it means to have an "out of body experience" and this uncarnation - the opposite of an incarnation, thus to become "unbodied" rather than "embodied" - in a place of which there is no material. It is an extremely widespread concept that appears in both Western and Eastern, as well as countless indigenous and occult belief systems, of which while varied all tend to have generally shared concepts of what the "astral plane" is. In the case of the community, this by and large refers to their astral being amounting to something which is distinct from their human incarnation but is directly tied to their "otherness".


Speaking for myself and serving as an immanent example as a result, I have encountered several different forms of what is classically regarded as astral projection or astral journeying, all of which have traits uncommon to them compared to people who have them and have recorded their experiences. In no particular order, I have had near death experiences that resulted in being outside the body, dream travel, shamanic journeys, and meditation induced astral travel. In them, where "bodied' at all in the astral the exact nature of what I am is still distinct, if not hazy, and it is anything but human and is characteristically animal, specifically my species. I too am also seemingly devoid of what people often regard as crucial to "tie" the astral body back to the physical body in the "silver cord" or "psychic threads", astral and or etheric tethers which metaphysically exist between the real and projected bodies, which contextually "makes sense" in that I am an extinct thing and in many ways not so tightly bound to life; a trait which is seldom experienced in human recountings except for when dying or dead.


I hope that proves a sufficient brief overview and example, @OWLtheKitten.

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