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I made a new meme template, do your thing folks


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Within isolation comes self-discovery.


~Caracal therian (C. caracal caracal) | Sunny fictionkin (Omori) | Razorwhip fictherian (Dragons: Race To The Edge)~

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Me (right) telling people to watch Rise and save it even tough its passed the date Netflix said they were counting veiws.

My friends (left) who just want to sleep and play videogames

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Median/Dreamway system

Donnie&Leo (Fictive) Kirby (faekin//polymorph//clown) Dib (fictive) Raemus (werewolf) Gabriel (angel)

Polyamorous // Aro Ace // System // Immersive Daydreamer // Roleplayer // Dm's open

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